Podcast: Lakers in Canada

The final stop of L.A.’s six-game Grammy trip comes in Canada, a Sunday date with the Toronto Raptors, so we called one of our favorite Canadians — Tas Melas of The Basketball Jones — to see what we needed to learn.

Despite Melas’ envy of our ability to acquire tickets to the Maple Leafs – Canadiens hockey game subsequent to Lakers practice on Saturday evening (is there anything more Canadian?), he kindly told us why there is such an impressive amount of Lakers fans in Toronto, what to expect from the Raptors*, what makes Toronto such a cool city and more.
*The Raptors (9-19) beat Boston handily just as the Lakers were losing to the Knicks on Friday evening, meaning the Lakers need a win to salvage a .500 mark on the trip.

To listen, click below: