Ramon Sessions: General Update

Fourteen games into his Purple and Gold tenure, Ramon Sessions checked in with reporters following the team’s practice in San Antonio, addressing a number of topics that we summarized below:

DEFENSE: When asked about how his D was progressing, and what his coaches wanted from him, Sessions had this to say: “It’s coming along a lot better. The last couple of days we’ve been able to get some (film) time in, and today was great to get some practice in. I’m definitely picking up on it, which is good heading into the playoffs. (They want me to be) up on the ball and don’t stop on the play and look for rebounds. Hit the bigs that are down there and just help on the boards.” Sessions added that he can “definitely be more aggressive” pushing onto his guy thanks to the presence of seven footers Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol in the paint. L.A.’s coaches agree, and would actually like him to push up even more onto his man.

That said, Mike Brown was complimentary of Sessions’ development on D:

“He had some good actions on the defensive end of the floor from yesterday’s game and we showed a couple of them on the film session today,” said Brown. “He’s definitely getting better, which is exciting to see, because we still have some time left for him to continue to learn and grow.”

INJURIES: Sessions has been dealing with a sprained left shoulder (ac joint) that has required frequent treatment and constant icing, in addition to a bothersome, jammed right index finger.

His thoughts first on the finger: “It feels better, but it’s just the grind of the season. Just trying to not get it banged on again, and I kind of got it banged again (at New Orleans). It’s one of those things. It was feeling the best it’s felt last night, and to get it hit again was another little set back. But nothing too major.” Indeed, Sessions managed to sink the dagger three in the final minute that buried New Orleans, exploded for a two-handed dunk in the paint and finished with 17 points on 5 of 9 field goals (plus six free throws), plus six boards and six assists.

And the shoulder: “It’s getting better each day. It hasn’t gotten really hit too hard yet, so hopefully before long it gets to 100 percent. Nobody really knows the time it’ll get right, but (I’m) just getting treatment on it and hope it gets better.”

DUNKING ON PEOPLE: Sessions said he’s understanding what he’s supposed to do on offense pretty well, and has become especially comfortable running the pick and roll. The Hornets saw this most notably in the third quarter, when at the 5:03 mark, Sessions blew right by Greivis Vasquez and exploded for a two-handed dunk over Chris Kaman. His thought: “The guys always tell me, I’m already up there so I might as well turn (the ball over into the rim).”