Andrew Goudelock: 2012 Exit Interview

Rookie second round pick Andrew Goudelock appeared in 40 regular season games for L.A., showing an ability to score from long range (37 percent three-pointers) and with his patented floater towards 4.4 points per game in 10.5 minutes. He played a total of 10 postseason minutes.

Below is a summary of his exit interview:

- On his meeting with Mitch Kupchak and Mike Brown: “Some of the things they told me they wanted me to work on were things I wanted to work on myself: ball handling, being more comfortable running the point guard position, working on my body a little bit conditioning, defense … things I thought my weaknesses were.”

- Goudelock acknowledged that his physical size is more like a point guard, but he’s always been a shooting guard. In the future, I wants to be a point guard that can score, hoping to build those PG skills so that he can increase his chances of getting on the floor. He was initially proud and excited to just make the team, never a guarantee for a second round pick especially from a small college, but now really believes he can be more in the NBA.

- On his offensive game: “Offensively, I can shoot the three, I can make a mid range shot, I can shoot the floater. My scoring is not the problem.” That’s why he wants to improve his point guard skills, but his ability to shoot the ball is not something to scoff at; teams always can use a shooter.

- On watching L.A.’s veterans: “I learned so much this season, how much I see guys work, and that all motivates me to get better.” He felt like he learned years worth of basketball knowledge in one season, from Kobe Bryant on down the line. That of course included lots of on-the-court stuff, but also had to do with off-the-court situations, like the ridiculous shape Metta World Peace keeps his body in. That includes “eating all kinds of weird stuff.”