Steve Blake: 2012 Exit Interview

Steve Blake played in 53 regular season games, missing 13 due to a January rib injury, towards averages of 5.2 points on 37.7 percent field goals and 33.5 percent three-pointers with 3.3 assists in 23.3 minutes per contest.

He stepped up his play in the postseason, regularly closing games for the Lakers while playing 25.5 minutes per game for 6.3 points, 2.3 assists and 2.2 boards on 41.9 percent shooting and 41.9 percent from three.

Below is a summary of his exit interview:

- On not having a full camp or practice time hurt the team: “More time definitely would have helped us out, maybe (allowed us to) figure out certain areas of the game to make us better. But you can’t blame (our not winning) on that. I do think having a longer camp next year, us being with this coaching staff and getting more comfortable with them, always will help you.”

- On growing with his teammates to the point where he was finishing games in the postseason: “Over time you get more comfortable with your teammates, you figure each other out, and for me I as definitely much more comfortable throughout the season and the playoffs. I really loved playing with everybody and enjoyed it, and look forward to coming back and doing it again.”

- Blake was asked about his general outlook after playing better individually, but turned it into a team answer: “It’s tough to be too positive, because we lost.”

- On if he wants to start: “I’m at the point of my career where I really just want to do what’s best for the team” … whether that’s starting or coming off the bench.” He said the focus is on “us,” not him.

- Blake said he didn’t let praise or criticism affect him during the season, especially in the playoffs, in which he hit one game-winning shot and missed a potential game winner in another game, getting praise and vitriol in equal parts.

- Blake said he’ll likely be in L.A. until late June, then go back home to Portland, take a few weeks off and get back to work “getting better in every area of the game.”

- Blake’s frustrated having not won the title when expecting to by coming to Los Angeles, having won in both high school and college, but doesn’t think that chance is over.

- On his exit meeting: Mike Brown and Mitch Kupchak were mostly positive in their meeting, Blake said. He said they wanted him to perhaps be more aggressive and more selfish at times, but that doesn’t flow with the natural way he wants to play so much. “I think I’ll always try to make the team better with passing and knowing the game.”