Kobe, Lakers win NBATV Social Media Awards

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers garnered three total honors at the first ever NBA Social Media Awards on NBATV on Wednesday evening, hosted by Bryant’s former Lakers teammates Rick Fox and Shaquille O’Neal.

Bryant took home the #Trendsetter award for receiving the most mentions on Twitter this season, and the Thumbs Up Award for garnering the most likes on Facebook. It was quite a day for recognizing Kobe’s popularity, as the NBA also announced that he led China, Europe, Latin America and the international community in general in jersey sales.

With the largest combined social media footprint on Facebook and Twitter, the Lakers earned the “Social MVT (Most Valuable Team)” trophy.

The Lakers social media team, headed by Manager, New Media Ty Nowell, built a Facebook following of 13,884,693 likes in addition to 2,583,475 Twitter followers on the @Lakers account.

The total of 16,468,168 between Facebook and Twitter followers outpaced the second place Boston Celtics (7,235,790 total).

The awards were divided into myriad categories and accounted for social activity across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on, with fans voting for winners on various channels.