Podcast: Bill Bertka from Vegas

In his 44 years in the NBA, Lakers Director of Scouting/Basketball Consultant Bill Bertka has forgotten more about the game than most have ever learned (this is a time when that cliche actually works).

Bertka is revered around NBA circles, from front offices and coaches to the players. Most recently, Steve Nash was thrilled to chat with Bertka when entering the team’s office for the first time.

Always a fan of watching and helping develop young players, Bertka never misses the summer league, which brought him to Las Vegas last week. From his hotel room, Bertka touched on the summer league roster, but talked to us mostly about more meaty basketball items.

Among the topics: what would the best possible basketball team look like (Bertka used to fantasize with Pat Riley about a team featuring Magic Johnson at all five positions); what’s the best way to play basketball and how has the game changed from his earliest days in the NBA; the rise of athleticism and decrease of post play; and more.

To listen, click below: