Podcast: Person on Princeton, Vegas

Lakers assistant coach Chuck Person occupied the head coach seat for the franchise’s summer league squad in Las Vegas, overseeing a group that ended up going 1-4.

As Person explained, winning may always be a goal, but it’s not the primary reason the Lakers send players to Vegas.

Among the major focal points in Sin City was putting in elements of the Princeton offense that Mike Brown and his staff could potentially implement for the senior squad when training camp starts in October.

“It was a set out of the Princeton that we tried to operate out of,” said Person, acknowledging that it took a while for the players to adjust. “Summer league is to test things out to see if it’s something you might want to do in the fall. There’s experimentation to possibly run that offense.”

We asked Person to provide a general overview of the Princeton offense.

“It’s a true read and react offense based on footwork, ball fakes, the way the defense is guarding the offense,” Person explained. “It’s a lot of reads, and the reads for that offense have to happen in the moment. If you don’t react in the moment, you lose that timing to make the defense pay for their aggression and lack of positioning.”

In addition to Princeton chat, Person evaluated the individual performances from players like Darius Morris, Andrew Goudelock and Christian Eyenga at summer league.

Take a listen by clicking the purple play button below:

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