Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on his Coming Statue

Last spring, the Lakers let it be known that plans were being made to erect a statue in honor of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, to celebrate one of the greatest to ever play basketball and his contributions towards five Lakers championship rings.

During an interview with Lakers.com, Abdul-Jabbar expressed his feelings about being so honored.

“For me, I’m just very happy to be acknowledged by the franchise that I spent my most time with,” said the 19-time All-Star. “It’s very satisfying to see it in concrete terms out there on the plaza with the other Laker greats. I’m very honored and pleased that this is finally happening.”

No specific date has been announced by the team, but Abdul-Jabbar is pleased that the process is under way.

I suggested to the Captain that the statue would have to feature him in Skyhook form. Right?

“I would imagine so,” he responded with a smile. “I hope so.”