Postgame Quote Summary: Fresno

If you missed L.A.’s opening preseason game, or just want to hear what two of the starters and Mike Brown had to say afterwards, you can watch the postgame interviews right here:

Steve Nash: LAL – GSW Postgame
Metta World Peace: LAL – GSW Postgame
Mike Brown: LAL – GSW Postgame

Below is a summary of the comments featured in the videos:

Q: On his first game with the team:
Nash: I felt pretty good considering I’ve only been at this for a week — less than a week — so we got a long way to go. We covered a lot this week, and you never know what to expect the first time out. I felt like it wasn’t bad.

Q: On finding his teammates in the game:
Nash: We definitely found some opportunities to get easy buckets and some other opportunities where we got open looks. Make or miss, they were good shots for our team. My job is to facilitate and make the game easy for my teammates, get them opportunities to score easy baskets, have an advantage against their man or make the defense pay, so when you get to play with good players who understand the game, I think it’ll come together nicely.

Q: On how the week of practice helped team chemistry:
Nash: We just spent time on the court together. You have to spend time on the court to get any kind of chemistry, so I think the week of practice definitely helped, so we had somewhat of a familiarity going out there and we were able to find some cohesion. I thought both ends of the floor, we did a pretty decent job of playing together.

Q: On playing with Kobe:
Nash: It felt pretty good, to be honest. I felt pretty good and it’s only going to get better. I can’t complain about that part of the game … Hopefully (Kobe) can save some energy, get some looks, get his rhythm, get some baskets without having to put his head down and take on a team. And he can save his legs for later in the game.

Q: On his first game after losing so much weight in offseason:
MWP: It’s only the first game so I’m definitely 17 pounds lighter but at the same time, it’s still the beginning. But definitely, I feel much better.

Q: On if he didn’t like anything in the team’s first preseason game:
MWP: You always want to improve. It’s never a thing where I don’t like something. It’s just a thing where I can improve and always look at it as a positive rather than seeing it as a negative out there.

Q: On playing with Nash:
MWP: I mean, he’s Nash and his passes are really, really good. His passes are right on target, right on target.

Q: On the first half:
Brown: We’re going to get some great shots, we’re going to get some great looks. We scored 56 points in the first half and we could have even played better than we did in the first half. Then you throw in a guy like Dwight in there — on both ends of the floor, he helps your defense, he helps your offense — you just got some intelligent guys that can really play the game the right way offensively and defensively, so it was fun to watch.

Q: On Nash creating opportunities for his teammates:
Brown: He does. He’s a guy that’s extremely intelligent and it doesn’t matter how you play him. He’s going to find a weakness or a hole in the defense and he’s going to make the game easier for everybody. On the flip side, you got Metta and Dwight. Just like Steve sets the table for everybody offensively, those two guys are going to set the table for everybody defensively. It’s going to be exciting to watch.

Q: On if he didn’t like anything from the team in their first game together:
Brown: There were some things here and there we could have done a little bit better. Our transition defense could have been a little bit better and I thought we gambled too much, whether it was in transition or in the half court, which kind of put us out of position. But they’re all things that are definitely fixable.

Q: On if the Warriors’ 37-2 run was concerning:
Brown: My goal going into the game was to play everybody. I wanted to get guys a few minutes here, a few minutes there. I told our guys nobody would probably play over 20 minutes. I didn’t care what the score was. We could have been down 105 to 22 and I was going to stay the course, so that these guys can get a taste of it and get a feel of it. It was great they were going against some guys that played in the NBA for a long time it was great that they got to see what its like to guard Richard Jefferson, Harrison Barnes and David Lee. It was great experience for the guys and probably something they’ll never forget.

Q: On Nash and Kobe playing together:
Brown: It was good. It thought those guys played well out on the floor. They each tried to find one another and Steve just created easy shots for everybody. He made (Robert) Sacre look like he was in his third year in the league.

Q: On what team needs to work on:
Brown: The one thing we know we need to work on is transition defense an there are some things offensively, we can tweak on what we’re doing and learning how to do that better. The neat part about it is that we’ve probably put in 20 percent of what we’re gong to do offensively so there’s still a lot more that we need to add, which we’ll do in terms of taking our time. But there’s a lot to work on. Transition defense is probably the number one thing that we’ll get to.

Q: On how the team’s chemistry looked:
Brown: The first thing is we have good guys. Chemistry can be had if you have some good people in your group and we have good people in our group. Then when you have good people and the trust is there, that’s what chemistry is – it’s trust. Our guys understand that. We said this to them at the beginning of the year. Respect one another as teammates and what your teammates can bring to the table, respect the process and then respect the journey. You’re going to have ups and downs throughout the course of the journey and it’s how we handle the ups and how we handle the downs is going to determine whether or not we reach our goal at the end of the year. We have guys that understand that and are capable of dong that, and that’s what makes this thing exciting.