Injury Update: Jordan Hill

Lakers backup power forward Jordan Hill, who was diagnosed with a herniated disc on Monday, sat out of Tuesday’s practice. A timetable for his return is uncertain.

“It’s not too bad, but definitely unfortunate that it happened,” he said. “Just got to take it one day (at a time), rehab it and get better.”

Hill said he is not sure exactly when he first suffered the injury, though he still managed to finish L.A.’s opening preseason game at Fresno on Sunday with 10 points, three rebounds and three assists in 20 minutes of first half action.

Nonetheless, the Arizona product maintains his injury is not too serious.

“It wasn’t really that much pain, but it was just the feeling I had never had before, so I just wanted to check it and make sure to see if it was OK,” he said. “The MRI showed something was wrong with it, but not too serious.”

Despite no estimated timetable on his return, Lakers coach Mike Brown remains optimistic that the team will be fine without Hill.

“We can slide Antawn  (Jamison) to the four, obviously Pau (Gasol) will start at the four and Earl Clark can play the four, too, so we have plenty of bodies we can play there.”