Quote Round Up: Kobe Post Practice

Here are some thoughts from Kobe Bryant after practice. Full video is above.

Q: On how his foot feels:
Kobe: It’s alright. It’s pretty sore.

Q: On if he sees this as a setback for the team:
Kobe: Not really. It’s probably pretty good that it happened. It slowed me down a bit. I’ve been going full bore pretty much every day.

Q: On if he’d play tomorrow:
Kobe: Probably not.

Q: On if he’d play if it was a regular season game:
Kobe: Probably not.

Q: On level of pain:
Kobe: Pretty high.

Q: On what he’s looking for from teammates without him:
Kobe: Just looking for our second unit to establish an identity, an aggressive tone, a physicality that they’ve played with that can alter games – that’s what I’m looking for. Our first unit, we know what we’re going to do, we know how we’re going to execute, we know what our identity is, so we’re looking for our second group to establish themselves.

Q: On if he was impressed with Dwight’s play in his first game:
Kobe: Yeah, but he’s been in practice running like a deer; he’s been up and down the whole time. I knew he was going to go out there and perform well … my biggest concern was the day after; he was pretty sore the next day. He hasn’t played in awhile and it doesn’t matter what kind of conditioning you do. When you get back out there, you get up and down a little bit, it’s always a big difference.

Q: On how he feels about his injury considering how well he takes care of his body:
Kobe: It’s always frustrating – freak accidents. It always upsets me.

Q: On his advice to Dwight regarding injuries:
Kobe: Be patient, be smart and listen to your body. That’s the biggest thing – listening to your body and not trying to get too far ahead of yourself. Just listen to your body and get your treatments, even when you feel like you’re 100 percent and just make sure you’re doing your physical therapy.

Q: On how he admires Grant Hill and how he’s been able to maintain his health:
Kobe: There’s a certain mutual respect that goes along with that. I know what goes into the preparation and the daily grind … the fact that he’s been able to do it for a long period of time is remarkable.