Lakers Host Draft Prospects

blog_130613predraft_workoutOn Thursday afternoon in El Segundo, the Lakers hosted a workout for six prospective players, including guards Peyton Siva (18) and Brandon Triche (19), as the franchise looks ahead to the June 27 NBA Draft.

Such workouts are commonplace around the league, though teams outside of the lottery like L.A. are a bit limited.

“You try to know all the players, but some of it is out of your control,” explained GM Mitch Kupchak. “For example, the agents aren’t going to let you see the top 10 guys, because they know you don’t have a top 10 pick … They’re going to send them to the teams that are in the lottery. But by and large, we try to figure the draft out one through 60 as best we can.”

The Lakers currently hold only the No. 48 overall pick in the second round, though Kupchak acknowledged that trades to acquire further picks are always a possibility as the chatter picks up in advance of draft day.

USC’s Dewayne Dedmon, Wake Forest’s C.J. Harris, Arkansas’ B.J. Young and Miami’s Kenny Kadji were also in attendance for drills run by legendary scout/coach Bill Bertka and the rest of Kupchak’s staff.

Siva – the point guard for the 2013 National Champion Louisville squad – and Triche – a strong player out of Syracuse – broke down the work out for

Q: On how the Lakers workout compares to the other team workouts:
Siva: It compared to one of the top ones because we got to put some sets in, run some sets and get some full court action going. You definitely have to be in condition to come work out.

Q: On how playing at a big-name school like Louisville could help his draft stock:
Siva: Just recognition and shows I’m a winner, and I competed (against) a lot of other people in this draft. It helps we won.

Q: On if he gets drafted by the Lakers, and how playing on a big stage at Louisville will help him:
Siva: We played in front of 22,000 every night. The crowd doesn’t affect me. I’m not scared of the spotlight. We played on the biggest stage in the national championship and in the Final Four the year before. Big stages don’t frighten me; you live for those moments.

Q: On if he talked to former Louisville product Earl Clark:
Siva: I didn’t talk to him before I came out here, but before the tournament run. I love E5. He’s a soft-spoken dude, but a great guy.

Q: On what’s next:
Siva: Going to Golden State’s workout, then a couple more and see what happens on (June) 27.

Q: On the predraft workout:
Triche: It was a pretty good workout. We all competed at a high level, and that’s what you want. I think it was the second time where we did full court and 3-on-3, where it touches your stamina. Overall, a great workout for me.

Q: On how the Lakers’ workout compared to other ones he had been through before:
Triche: It was a mixture of learning a few sets and plays, with a mixture of testing your stamina, but still getting to your talents, abilities and skills. Overall, this might have been the best workouts I’ve been through with the variety of things that they taught and I learned today.

Q: On what he thinks of the Lakers:
Triche: I think of them being, obviously, a great organization – tops in the league. I see a vacancy at the point guard spot, and I’m sure they’re looking forward to a bigger point guard. I look for the opportunity to play for these guys and help them out the best I can.

Q: On how he fared today against some of the competition:
Triche: I thought I matched up pretty good. It’s a little different because they have set teams before you go against everybody. Today, you can’t go against everybody; you just go against one person. Overall, a good workout and I thought I competed at at a high level, and brought my best ability and that’s all you can ask for.