Injury Update: Steve Nash

Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles LakersLakers Injury Report sponsored by UCLA Health SystemSteve Nash, who has missed more than a month with nerve root irritation, is expected to be out at least four more weeks, according to Lakers PR.

“Hopefully that’s a really good timeline where I can get healthy and get my back in a position where it can protect itself and survive,” Nash said post practice. “I’m making strides, for sure. The biggest thing is durability. There’s such a fine line. When I do get up to speed where I can do a lot of stuff, to be able to sustain it is the key right now.”

Certain movements, like sprinting, is something the 17-year NBA veteran can’t quite put himself to the test fully just yet.

“That’s still hit or miss,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to do it right now. It could set me way back. I’m just waiting to get a lot of confidence to do that and then do that for a long time and be able to incorporate and integrate myself into some practice sessions and then be able to sustain that.”

Staying patient, according to Nash, has been one of the more difficult tasks throughout this whole process as he tries to work his way back. In spite of all this, he remains optimistic.

“I just want to play,” Nash said. “That’s what gets me through everyday. I want to play, I still love to play, I still feel like I have the skills to do it and I’d like to end my career on a positive note. Just fighting everyday to get that little bit of joy for playing basketball, being one of the guys, running up and down the court and trying to beat somebody.”