Nash Turns 40, Leads Lakers to Victory

On his 40th birthday, Steve Nash scored a game-high 19 points, plus five assists and four boards, to help guide the Lakers to their second straight win – a 112-98 victory at Philadelphia.

He was greeted to decorations surrounding his seat on the charter flight home to Los Angeles. Postgame, Nash reflected on his performance, as he joined John Stockton and Michael Jordan as the only guards in the last 25 years to start in the NBA at the age of 40. The previous four players – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Edwards, Jason Kidd and Stockton – to play on their 40th birthday all won, too.

“After 18 years, it’s very sweet,” Nash said. “I thought it was gone. I didn’t know that I could get on top of my health issues. It’s still a long way from being certain or stable, but for me to be able to play two games and move the way I want to move is great. I’m still trying to get a rhythm and confidence that I can keep playing with, but this amount of freedom and movement has made all the work – the two-a-days basically for 10 months – worth it.”

His teammates also had high praise for the eight-time All-Star and two-time MVP in congratulating him on his special day.

“At this point, I don’t take anything for granted,” Nash said. “It’s a mental and emotional ride for me to get ready to play every day, and hope my body obliges. So I’m just thrilled I could move out there without restriction and help my teammates.”

Indeed, a happy birthday for Steve Nash.