#Bazemoring to a Victory

While a member of the Golden State Warriors, Kent Bazemore became known for his work on the bench just as much as his work on the floor. The young guard’s enthusiasm even spawned a phenomenon that became known as #Bazemoring.

In his short time with the Lakers, Bazemore has seen almost as much playing time as he did during his entire rookie season in Oakland, starting four games and averaging 33 minutes, but he’s still found time to make an impact on the sideline as well.

In the above Vine, you can see some of the best #Bazemoring from last night as the Lakers used record setting three-point shooting game to charge back from a big third-quarter deficit. We also got our first taste of Bazemore teaming up with the team’s cheerleading stalwart, Robert Sacre.

The two superpowers of excitement collided on a Ken Griffey Jr-esque homerun scene, but it was more a “game recognize game” situation. When shown the video in the post-game locker room Bazemore wasn’t even aware of Sacre’s presence.

“He’s an elite celebrator, I’m an elite celebrator, that’s just what happens,” said Bazemore.

With chemistry like that, this is just the start.