Pau Gasol: 2014 Exit Interview

IMG_0542Pau Gasol appeared and started in 60 games towards averages of 17.4 points, 9.7 rebounds, 3.4 assists and 1.5 blocks on 48.5 percent field goals. Gasol put together one of the best stretches of his career in January, scoring at least 20 points in 10 straight and recording 11 double-doubles. He missed the final eight games of the year due to vertigo and also battled injury (strained right groin) and illness (upper respiratory infection) earlier in the season.

- On if he’ll be back next season:
“Like I say every year, I don’t know. This year is a little different. I wasn’t sure if I’d be traded. This year, that possibility is out of the questions. It’s now because I’m in charge of my future and destiny and listen to the possibilities on the table. I look at this as an opportunity probably for the first and last time I’ll be a free agent where I can choose. It’s nothing like I’ve experienced before in the NBA.”

Gasol added: “I’m still going to listen to the Lakers and what they have to offer and what they’ll say about the team’s situation and position at the time. We know what it is today, but we don’t know what it’ll be on July 1.”

- On winning being a priority for him this late in his career and whether the Lakers can match what he’s seeking:
“If we have Kobe (Bryant) being healthy and Steve (Nash) being healthier, we’d have a strong core and we haven’t been able to utilize that the last two years.”

- On what was going through his mind during the last home game knowing if it could possibly his last time as a Laker:
“The last few years I kept on my mind it could be my last day here so I tried to enjoy it. It’s been on my mind quite often. I try not to think about it. Whatever happens, it’ll work out for the best. I’ve had an amazing career until this point and I want to try and prolong it at a high level.”

- On his time here in Los Angeles, if he doesn’t return:
“I’m thankful and I appreciate our fans support I received over the years, not when things were going great and we were winning but also when people recognize my efforts and commitment and loyalty to the team despite everything. That’s when you most appreciate the support. I think it’s been amazing for the most part. All things considered, it’s been extremely great for me. I am glad I got to be a part of this franchise and this city.”

- On why he thinks him and Kobe Bryant work so well together:
“We compliment each other well, personally and professionally. Since Day 1, it’s been a key part of success and how we function so well. I have great respect for him and what he brings to the table is very unique.”