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Lakers vs. Bobcats In-Game

Inactives For Tonight’s Game:
Bobcats: Sean May, Adam Morrison
Lakers: Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, Chris Mihm

1st Quarter:
10:01 Quick start on offense for Turiaf, showing excellent touch from about 16 feet out in nailing two straight jumpers for a 5-2 Lakers lead.

8:40 Radmanovic ends an 8-0 run by the Bobcats who had taken advantage of a somewhat sluggish start by L.A. to capture an early 10-5 lead. Emeka Okafor leads Charlotte in scoring with four points.

6:38 Kobe gives Lamar a nifty interior pass that leads to an easy layup for Odom over two outstretched Bobcats defenders. The make was Odom’s first of the game, but he’s already racked up three rebounds and three assists in just over five minutes of play.

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Lakers vs. Warriors In-Game

Inactives for Tonight’s Game:
Warriors: Patrick O’Bryant, Mickael Pietrus, Chris Webber
Lakers: Trevor Ariza, Chris Mihm, Andrew Bynum

1st Quarter:
10:06 Lamar Odom and Ronny Turiaf electrify the STAPLES Center crowd with a behind the back pass from Odom to Ronny for the layup. Ronny has four quick points for the Lakers, down 6-7 in a scrappy first two minutes of play.

9:16 Kobe gets an early MVP chant from a boisterous Easter crowd, after making the jumper off glass and one for his fifth point of the night. More importantly, Baron Davis just picked up his second personal of the game, but Warriors Coach Don Nelson is taking a big risk and leaving him in for the time being. Davis, obviously not happy with the call, just picked up a T.

6:09 Turiaf hits two consecutive jumpers from about 16 feet out after the timeout, giving the Lakers a four point lead at 19-15. Ronny is continuing his string of impressive performances without Gasol and Bynum in the lineup, leading the Lakers in scoring with eight to go along with two points and two assists.

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Lakers vs. Sonics In-Game

Inactives for Tonight’s Game:

Sonics: Gelabale, Swift
Lakers: Bynum, Mihm, Ariza

1st Quarter:
10:18 Kobe scores the third and fourth points of the night for the Lakers, after driving into the lane and drawing the foul. Kobe’s attempt wouldn’t have been possible without a nifty tap off of Turiaf’s missed shot by an extremely active Radmanovic. On the previous possession, Vladimir nailed an eight footer to put L.A. on the board.

8:52 Ronny throws down a two-handed jam on the break after a great pass by Fisher. The Lakers have jumped out to an early 12-2 lead on the undermanned Sonics. It’s been a balanced effort so far too as all five starters have scored already.

6:07 Odom swishes his third shot in a row to take over the lead in scoring for the Lakers with six points. Lamar’s picked up right where he left off in Salt Lake City last night, looking for his own shot and shooting the ball with incredible confidence. Kobe and Radmanovic have four points a piece for L.A.

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Lakers vs. Kings In-Game

Inactives for Tonight’s Game:
Kings: Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Kenny Thomas
Lakers: Chris Mihm, Andrew Bynum

1st Quarter:
10:41 Outstanding pass from Gasol to a cutting Radmanovic ties the game at four with about a minute and a half gone by. Both the Lakers and Kings look sharp to open up the game with L.A. making three of four and the Kings nailing two of their first three field goal attempts.

8:19 Gasol gets it done himself this time, draining a 16 footer that hits nothing but net to tie the score at 10. Ron Artest has come out of the gates strong for the Kings, making his first two field goals, including a thunderous dunk two possessions ago. Early on, it also looks like the two rivals have picked up right where they left off five days ago in a game Coach Jackson labeled “chippy” before tonight’s rematch.

6:28 Luke Walton replaces Vladimir Radmanovic in the Lakers’ lineup.

5:43 With just under half of the first quarter remaining, the Lakers are holding on to an early 14-13 lead, but have yet to put their footprint on this game, despite looking sharp in the opening minutes. On their last possession before the Lakers called a timeout, Kobe lost control of the ball and dribbled it out of bounds for the team’s second turnover.

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Lakers vs. Clippers In-Game

Inactives for Tonight’s Game:
Clippers: Elton Brand, Paul Davis, Shaun Livingston
Lakers: Chris Mihm, Andrew Bynum

1st Quarter:
11:07 Derek Fisher gets started on the right foot for the Lakers, nailing a three that hits nothing but net. Derek’s been struggling from long range of late, but showed signs of coming out of his slump against the Kings on Tuesday night.

9:02 Kobe’s looks aggressive early for the Lakers, hitting his first two shots, the first on a layup to open the game and the second on a smooth jumper from about 20 feet out. In recent games, Kobe’s taken a back seat early on when it comes to scoring, but it appears as if Bryant’s chops are wet already against the weak Clippers defense.

6:30 Pau and Derek are playing an effective two-man game, with Gasol drawing the double team before dishing it out to a wide open Fisher who hits the jumper right inside the three-point line. Derek’s five points lead the team in scoring so far. The Lakers lead 15-10 with about half of the first quarter remaining.

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Lakers vs. Mavericks In-Game

Inactives for Tonight’s Game:
Mavericks: Eddie Jones, Antoine Wright
Lakers: Andrew Bynum, Chris Mihm

1st Quarter:
9:51 The Lakers finally get on the board with two free throws by Luke Walton. The Mavs raced out to a 7-0 start prior to the makes. L.A. has already been burned a couple of times already with the Dallas fast break, which seems to have picked it up a notch with Jason Kidd running the show now.

8:19 Derek Fisher dumps a perfect pass to a running Gasol who electrifies the sold out STAPLES Center crowd with a two-handed dunk. The make brings the Lakers to within one of the Mavs after a 6-0 run following Dallas’ 7-0 start.

6:07 Kobe’s finally on the board for the Lakers with consecutive makes from the field after he missed his first two shots. The first came after he zoomed past the Mavs’ defenders for an uncontested dunk and the latter on another easy layup. Bryant leads the Lakers in scoring with half the quarter remaining. As a team, the Lakers are only shooting four of 11 from the field so far.

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Lakers vs. Heat In-Game

Heat: Joel Anthony, Daequan Cook, Smush Parker
Lakers: Andrew Bynum, Chris Mihm

1st Quarter:
Starting for the Heat: Wade, Marion, Haslem, Blount, Williams
Starting for the Lakers: Bryant, Walton, Odom, Gasol, Fisher

10:34 Kobe feeds Pau on the pick and roll and it looks real easy. Also of note is Marion guarding Luke. That’s surprising, giving what Luke’s role is in the offense, but maybe they plan to make Marion the primary help defender.

8:39 Kobe makes the steal on Wade and avoids the kicked ball call. On his finish, Kobe thinks he is fouled and protests as such. We’ll see if Kobe’s recent streak of T’s will continue if the refs fail to show him love.

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Lakers vs. Blazers In-Game

Inactives for Tonight’s Game:
Blazers: James Jones, Darius Miles, Greg Oden
Lakers: Chris Mihm, Trevor Ariza, Andrew Bynum

1st Quarter:
11:14 Luke Walton makes the first shot of the game for the Lakers, showing nice touch from outside. L.A. needs Walton to continue shoot with confidence as it looks like the Lakers will be without Vladimir Radmanovic for at least a few games.

9:10 Lamar Odom just postarized LaMarcus Aldridge on the Lakers’ end, continuing his string of aggressive play around the hoop following the acquisition of Pau Gasol. The short-handed Blazers are still up 9-8 early on though.

5:39 The Lakers have started out the game a little flat as the Blazers lead 15-10 with Aldridge about to head to the line for a pair. Kobe leads the Lakers with four points, but his team is getting outrebounded 6-3 with a little less than half of the opening quarter remaining.

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Lakers vs. Hawks In-Game

Inactives for Tonight’s Game:

Hawks: Speedy Claxton

Lakers: Chris Mihm, Trevor Ariza, Andrew Bynum

1st Quarter:
10:02 Emphatic drunk from Lamar Odom to tie the game at four. Newly acquired Hawk Mike Bibby is getting booed every time he touches the ball as it looks like the STAPLES Center crowd is still riled up from a deafening introduction to Pau Gasol.

9:29 Fisher throws a perfect pass right to the rim for Gasol who easily puts in his first points on the home court. The Lakers have opened up a 12-4 lead behind an increasingly more raucous home crowd.

6:15 Gasol continues his strong start, grabbing the offensive rebound and laying the ball in and one. Pau leads the Lakers with six points so far, helping them to a 16-12 lead approximately halfway through the quarter.

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Lakers vs. Knicks In-Game

Inactives for Tonight’s Game:
Knicks: Stephon Marbury, Jerome James, Randolph Morris
Lakers: Trevor Ariza, Andrew Bynum, Chris Mihm

1st Quarter:
10:43 Lamar Odom opens up tonight’s game much like the way he started against the Cavs on Sunday–with two aggressive moves that led to easy driving layups. Odom needs to keep his foot on the accelerator though for the full 48 minutes after he was virtually non-existent in the fourth quarter against Cleveland.

7:04 Kobe gets his first deuce of the night, weaving his way into the lane for an uncontested layup for a 10-9 Lakers lead. So far, it looks like Kobe the facilitator has come out looking for his teammates to open up the game.

5:19 Kwame throws down a dunk, giving the Lakers an 18-9 lead and a 10-0 run. Brown nearly became public enemy number one for Lakers fans a few plays ago after missing a wide-open dunk with the ball barely getting to the rim. Luckily, Brown retrieved the loose ball and scored a layup off the glass, temporarily absolving him.

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