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Lakers vs. Cavs In-Game

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Inactives for Today’s Game
Lakers: Trevor Ariza, Andrew Bynum, Chris Mihm
Cavaliers: Cedric Simmons, Sasha Pavlovic, Shannon Brown

1st Quarter:
10:56 After struggling to find his shot the past few games, Lamar makes a strong move against Drew Gooden for an easy layup. After another sub par effort against the Mavericks, Coach jackson said that Odom needed to be more aggressive–a task that was part his responsibility and part the team’s. So far, it looks as if both parties listened.

8:14 Jackson calls an early timeout and does not appear to be happy with the Lakers’ up and down play so far. The Cavs lead 9-8, but the Lakers have allowed a series of easy baskets, the latest a layup by Larry Hughes. On the bright side, it looks as if the team is making a concerted effort to get Lamar going early as he has made his first two shots of the game, both aggressive moves that have led to layups.

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Lakers at Mavericks In-Game

Inactives for Tonight’s Game
Lakers: Trevor Ariza, Andrew Bynum, Chris Mihm
Mavericks: Maurice Ager, Nick Fazekas, Jerry Stackhouse

1st Quarter

9:09 – The game is starting at a much more deliberate pace than we saw in San Antonio. The Lakers are getting clean looks and have hit them thus far. On the Mavs side, Dirk has gotten their points by backing Lamar down. We’ll see how the Lakers adapt to that. On the other end, Lamar settled for a jumper, he should probably be attacking the hoop to test Dirk’s defensive chops.

5:31 The Mavs are running through their bench, having already brought in Diop, Terry, and Hassell. DJ Mbenga is in for Kwame after he picks up a foul helping on Nowitzki. He got fouled on one lob to the basket and then again for 2 shots. The Lakers hit Kwame to start the game for a lay-in. They are certainly continuing the same style of attack in Bynum’s absence. At least early in the game.

3:36 – The Lakers have gotten into the penalty early and have gotten free throws on their last 2 possessions, including one off a defensive rebound, away from the ball. The Mavs are substituting enough to prevent one guy from getting into foul trouble. The crowd is dead, even though their team isn’t playing poorly and it’s early. The lack of energy makes it feel like a dull game.

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Lakers at Spurs In-Game

1st Quarter

11:46 – Phil mentioned in the pre-game that Luke needed to get in a good game. First possession he gets to the basket and gets the foul.

9:28 – Kobe powers through Bowen for the lay-up. Thus far there have been 2 possessions where the offensive player has gone through the defensive player (also Parker going through Fisher) and both times, no call or call to the offensive player. Surprisingly, the second didn’t ge the cheers of the first.

7:59 – Kwame is getting looks close in and finishing. Kobe is carving up the defense well to make that happen.

6:26 – The Lakers have been more energetic thus far and have an early 15-8 lead. The team has gotten penetration to set up some easy looks, both by and from Kobe. Defensively, Kwame has been stout on Duncan and they have kept penetration down thus far. Ginobili has just come in, so we’ll see how that changes the dynamic.

4:18 – It’s Mbenga time. Kwame got a foul at the offensive end wihle rebounding and just picked up his second defending Duncan.

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Lakers vs. Nuggets In-Game

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Inactives for Tonight’s Game
Lakers: Trevor Ariza, Andrew Bynum, Chris Mihm
Nuggets: Chucky Atkins

1st Quarter:
12:00 It looks like the fans in attendance tonight listened to the Lakers after Kobe Bryant and other teammates chastised Thursday night’s crowd for booing Kwame Brown heavily in the team’s loss to Phoenix; Kwame just got a nice ovation from the crowd during introductions, with nary a boo bird in sight.

10:20 Derek Fisher finally scores the Lakers’ first field goal of the night–a deep corner jumper that hits nothing but net. The Nuggets still lead 8-4 though as Iverson and Anthony have come out for Denver.

8:45 Kwame just hammered home two consecutive dunks for the Lakers with authority, drawing a huge applause both times from the crowd. It’s great to see Kwame playing with such aggression early on following his debacle against the Suns.

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Lakers vs. Suns In-Game

Inactives for Tonight’s Game
Suns: Alando Tucker
Lakers: Andrew Bynum, Chris Mihm

1st Quarter
There’s a beginning you don’t see every game. Luke sails a pass out of bounds as he and Lamar saw different things, then Nash passes to Diaw who doesn’t even see the ball go by as he is distracted by who knows what.

8:59 – The team is following Phil’s directive to get Kwame opportunities to go at Stoudemire, but thus far it hasn’t yielded positive results. You just worry about Kwame losing confidence, but it’s worth it to continue attacking the middle. The Suns have opened an 8-2 lead, though their offense hasn’t been especially fluid.

5:18 – The rumbles of discontent are palpable throughout the arena. The fans have seen their team not get a series of calls that certainly the players thought were coming their way. Of greater concern is that Kwame has gotten several opportunities and hasn’t converted, including missing a lay-up that would have been a Bynum dunk. It’s hard to fault Kwame too much, he lacks any lift with his ankle, but you would like to see more ferocity. The refs are allowing contact, up to that offensive foul on Kwame. That’s 2 on Kwame and now the Lakers go smaller with Ronny.

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Bynum Injury Update

Word from Lakers officials is that Andrew has a sprained left knee. X-rays came back negative and Andrew will undergo an MRI tomorrow morning to determine the extent of any damage that may have occurred.

Bynum left the game with 8:52 remaining in the 3rd quarter.

Lakers vs. Grizzlies In-Game

Inactives for Tonight’s Game:

Grizzlies: Brian Cardinal, Casey Jacobsen

Lakers: Chris Mihm, Vladimir Radmanovic

1st Quarter:
10:22 Luke Walton gets the Lakers on the board first with a confident face-up jumper from about 16 feet out. The Lakers–particularly Lamar Odom–look aggressive early, but have yet to see anything fall aside from Luke’s basket.

8:14 Andrew Bynum just dunked home his first basket of the game off of his own rebound following a two on one break led by Derek Fisher. The Lakers have become so adept at lobbing the ball to Andrew that the Grizzlies let Fisher drive all the way to the basket, fearing yet another poster created by #17.

6:12 Andrew makes his second strong move of the game, using his height to easily lay the ball in over Brian Cardinal. Bynum as four points and the Lakers are within one of the Grizzlies at 12-13.

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Lakers vs. Bucks In-Game

Inactives for Tonight’s Game:

Bucks: David Noel, Desmond Mason, Ramon Sessions
Lakers: Vladimir Radmanovic, Chris Mihm

1st Quarter:
10:52 Derek Fisher continues his hot shooting, putting the Lakers on the board with a pull-up 20 footer from just inside the three-point line. Fisher was instrumental in the team’s blowout of the Grizzlies on Tuesday night.

7:47 More than four minutes have gone by and neither team’s imposed their will on the other yet with the Bucks leading 7-6 going into the timeout. The Lakers are shooting 33% compared to the Milwaukee’s marginally better 38%. Kobe has yet to score for L.A.

6:43 Andrew Bynum electrifies the STAPLES crowd with his now patented ally-oop, assisted by Lamar Odom. #17 has 4 points and three rebounds. In other news, Bynum’s tied his career high for rebounds with 16.

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Lakers vs. Pacers In-Game

Inactive for Tonight’s Game:

Lakers: Vladimir Radmanovic, Chris Mihm
Pacers: Jamaal Tinsley, Stephen Graham

1st Quarter:
7:55 The Lakers finally get on the scoreboard after Odom’s drive through the lane for a layup. So far, Jermaine O’Neal has dominated down low and the Pacers have done a great job of penetrating the lane to go along with Mike Dunleavy’s two three point makes. The Lakers are shooting only 20% from the field.

6:22 Andrew Bynum just muscled the ball into the basket over O’Neal, igniting the STAPLES Center crowd and pulling the Lakers to within three points of the Pacers at 14-11. The Lakers are finally showing signs of life.

6:10 Pacers Coach Jim O’Brien and Mike Dunleavy were each just issued a technical foul with O’Brien lucky he’s not thrown out after hovering around center court.

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Lakers vs. Sixers In-Game

Inactive for Tonight’s Game:

Lakers: Chris Mihm, Vladimir Radmanovic
Sixers: Herbert Hill, Shavlik Randolph, Louis Amundson

1st Quarter:
9:30 Andrew Bynum gets the Lakers on the scoreboard with his first basket of the game, a nice jump hook over Dalembert. On the Lakers’ next trip down the floor, Andrew just grabbed the rebound off his own miss before dunking the ball and drawing the foul. In two plays, Andrew already looks 10 times more comfortable than he did Sunday night against Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins and the rest of Boston’s front line.

7:48 Trevor Ariza checks into the for the first time to replace Luke Walton after Coach Jackson re-inserted Walton into the starting lineup tonight.

6:36 Ronny Turiaf just scored his second basket of the night, laying the ball in after a vicious block on the Sixers’ end. Both teams have started out red-hot, with the Lakers shooting at a 78% clip and the Sixers keeping pace by making 60% of their shots. Bynum leads L.A. with six points, closely followed by Kobe’s six.

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