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Pete Carroll Twitterview

57422918Do you know what a Twitterview is? I didn’t either until about an hour after I got done doing one with USC Head Football Coach Pete Carroll. As the name would imply it’s an interview done over Twitter (if you don’t know what that is click here). It’s that simple.

Before the Lakers Game 5 peppering of the Rockets, Coach Carroll put out a message saying “going to the @lakers game tonight! will any other tweebes be there too?”

Carroll seemed excited for the game so reached out to see what he thought about that evening’s matchup. He was nice enough to sit with us for 30-minutes for a little Twitter back-and-forth.

Obviously the constraints of 140-characters make for a unique kind of Q & A.The purple text is, the cardinal text is Coach Carroll.

Hey Coach @PeteCarroll, so you’re coming to the game tonight, who are you most excited to see play?
@lakers farmar coming off the bench!

@PeteCarroll A UCLA guy? Wow… after a tough loss, what do you tell your young athletes heading into the next game?
@Lakers we’ve got to go right back to what we know… always compete and do what we do best… last game’s over, it’s about the next step

@Lakers is lamar playing?
@PeteCarroll @RealLamarOdom went through shootaround but is a gametime decision tonight

@Lakers phil is the master of game 5s… the crowd is going to bring it, it’s going to be rocking tonite… you agree?
@Lakers i hear jack is pumped for the game… yeah?
@Lakers if lamar can’t go, we expect to see kurt rambis out there

@PeteCarroll The crowd will definitely be pumped up for tonight’s game, do you caution your teams against coming out too excited?
@Lakers never–they’ve got to get as excited as they can get… feed off the crowd and the emotion

@Lakers by the way, jeanie buss is the best nba executive
@PeteCarroll Did you know that Jeanie is on Twittter too? @jeaniebuss

@PeteCarroll Who’s the best basketball player you’ve ever coached?
@Lakers best hoops player i’ve ever coached… a lot of guys would like this title… gotta go with steve smith…

@PeteCarroll Your teams come into each season with the same championship expectations as the Lakers, how do you maintain focus on that goal?
@Lakers practice is everything… the level of competition at practice on a daily basis forever makes us who we are

@Lakers just became a @jeaniebuss follower… jeanie rocks!

@PeteCarroll It seems like maintaining the guys emotion level during the playoffs is similar to the week leading up to a game, agree?
@Lakers it’s different because there’s not as much time between your games… you guys have to stay locked in for a longer period

@PeteCarroll Have you followed the Lakers for a while or just since you’ve been in LA?
@Lakers i’ve always liked the lakers, being in california… its hard to root for the warriors except when rick was there

@Lakers oh, want to send good wishes to tex winter (a trojan)… hope to see him tonite at the game… fight on to a great trojan!

@PeteCarroll Which current Laker do you think could help your program the most on the field?
@Lakers kobe–no brainer… he’s a great competitor… if he isn’t a go-to guy, then i don’t know who is
@PeteCarroll What side of the ball do you line #24 up at though?
@Lakers we’re throwing the ball to him… he’d play split end– like mike williams or jarrett — he’d be the big WR.. good for 80 balls a yr
@PeteCarroll How about 81?
@PeteCarroll #24 claims he could lineup at WR for the Eagles right now.
@Lakers i’d rather see him line up at the coliseum than lincoln financial… we got 93K… he has four years of eligibility left anyway
@Lakers they made a big deal about michael playing baseball… just think how huge it would be if kobe played for the trojans

@PeteCarroll What differences do you see in coaching between football & basketball?
@Lakers basketball’s cool because youre almost like another player… youre so close and you can make calls… it might be more fun to coach
@Lakers though i’d probably have trouble staying inside the coaching box or whatever its called

@PeteCarroll What’s your favorite part about coaching in LA?
@Lakers it’s a championship town… expectations are high and everyone’s counting on winning… its the only way to be… and the beach too

@PeteCarroll going back to an earlier comment, do you shoot your free throws like Rick Barry?
@Lakers no i shoot like hal greer

@PeteCarroll It has to be easier dealing with 15 players as opposed to 80 right?
@Lakers it’s just way different… you have an opportunity to get to know 15 guys better than the 105 we have

@PeteCarroll Did @ABetterLA have anything to do with Baron Davis’ new movie?
@Lakers no, @ABetterLA didnt but anything to create awareness for the good is awesome

@PeteCarroll Which NBA player would you compare your hoops game too?
@Lakers i think dominique wilkins once said “you lose your hops but you never lose your J”… and my hops left me a long time ago
@Lakers i wish i could be like ginobili though
@Lakers but in reality i’m more like a “hondo” type of player
@PeteCarroll at least you’ve still got the J. Thanks for joining us today Coach, maybe we’ll catch up with ya courtside tonight.
@Lakers good luck tonight, tear em up!

Follow the Lakers Official Twitter here, the cardinal text is Coach Carroll.

Our Twitter Contest Winner

On Monday we ran our first contest on Twitter, giving away a pair of tickets to the first of our followers that could find Mike Trudell and myself having lunch. @bryanz got there about three minutes after we gave the final location clue. For his efforts he got to see the Lakers close out the Jazz in Game 5. Here’s his story in his own words.

Since this is my story about winning tix via Twitter, I’m retelling it in < 140 character increments. I live in Marina Del Rey and had to pick up a friend from LAX at 2:15. At about 1:30 on Monday I saw this come across Tweetdeck: @bryanzLakers Reporter Mike Trudell & I will be getting lunch in El Segundo. 1st person to find us and say “Playoffs” will win. More clues coming.

What better do I have going on? El Segundo is 15 minutes away. Hopped on Yelp! to find the best places to eat lunch for some clues. >:)

Grand Ave. has a ton of hits, heading there. Grab the Blackberry! Taking Lincoln to Sepulveda, past LAX, then down into El Seg.

In the car, just made a right onto Grand and passed Chipotle. Mmmm… Chipotle. I’d eat lunch there and this is a crapshoot. Any updates?

At 1:55pm: This is where we’re at in El Segundo, come find us & say “playoffs”

Carl’s Jr?!? Where is that? Google Maps on Blackberry = Miracle worker! There’s a Carl’s Jr. a quarter mile from here. *tires peeling out*

Continue reading ‘Our Twitter Contest Winner’

Game 5 Scouting Report


A game is not won or lost on a single play in the second quarter but one play can swing the momentum and flow of the game. We were struggling and down seven when Luke Walton hit a three point basket from the corner. This sparked us on a run to the lead and following a couple more three point buckets, Jazz coach Jerry Sloan took a timeout.

To read the rest of the breakdown of this play login into Lakers Courtside Connection.

Mario Lopez on

At L.A.’s practice facility to interview Kobe Bryant, “Extra” host Mario Lopez went through some shooting drills with the MVP before joining us on camera to describe the experience. The former “Saved by the Bell” star and “Dancing with the Stars” runner up shared his thoughts on Kobe’s teaching technique and speculated about how he’d take No. 24 down in a wrestling match. Live Chat at 3 p.m.

Want to talk Lakers?

Just log onto, where I’ll be waiting at 3 p.m. Pacific to take questions about “The Duel” or “The Hills,” and (I guess) the Lakers and the NBA playoffs. Or whatever.

See you in a few.

Game 1 Scouting Report

The way we prepare is to first look back at some video edits of how our gameplans against the Jazz worked during the three regular season contests. A key question is whether the loss at Utah on February 11th was due to a glitch in the gameplan, the execution, or both. It is often said that NBA playoff action is a game of adjustments. While this is true it is also extremely important to enter game 1 of the first round with a solid approach that if executed properly will simply require small adjustments as the series rolls on. We know the Jazz are not your typical 8th seeded team (if they were in the eastern conference they would be the 4th seed) and there will be no ‘quit’ with that team.

CLICK HERE to read the full Scouting Report on Lakers Courtside Connection. Mini Mailbag

It’s been a while since we put up a Mailbag on, so until the next one (coming this weekend), here are a few submissions and their requisite answers:

Q: With Manu Ginobili being declared out for the season, who is L.A.’s biggest threat in the Western Conference?
- David, Notre Dame, Indiana

MT: First off, I’m still not sure that any other Western Conference team can beat the Lakers four times in a playoff series, particularly without homecourt advantage. Now, the Ginobili news takes the Spurs out of the running – stick a fork in ‘em. Who’s next? I say Utah. Sure, they’re currently in the seven spot, but I think they could give L.A. a tough series because, as assistant coach Jim Cleamons told me, “They think they can beat us” (and because Deron Williams is fantastic). Their win in New Orleans last week was a big one, and to an extent means their failure to win against good teams on the road (1-14 prior to N.O.) can be taken with a grain of salt since they’ve been hurt all season. So put them on “Biggest Threat” watch, and make sure to check out their ESPN game at Dallas on Wednesday. That should go a long ways towards explaining the playoff picture.

Q: I’ve always wondered, on the road do the players share hotel rooms or do they get there own? Do they all have like a certain person they always share a room with? And last but not least, GO LAKERS!!.
- Jennifer, Hesperia, CA

MT: Even the low man on the Lakers traveling crew (um … me) is fortunate to get his own room. But if that weren’t the case, here’s how I’d pair up the players: Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher; Pau Gasol and Sasha Vujacic; Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza; Luke Walton and Jordan Farmar; Josh Powell and Shannon Brown; Adam Morrison and D.J. Mbenga. This, of course, could be varied in 1,000 ways (e.g. the universally loved Odom could room with anybody, you could swap Morrison and Powell, whatever) but I like this grouping.

Q: Do you think that there is any way that Kobe Bryant will ever get traded?
- Hamlet, Glendale, CA

MT: Here are three things that to me are more likely than Bryant getting traded:
1) I start fighting in the WWE, and pin the Undertaker after executing my signature move, “Tru Death,” by throwing the black-clad pain machine 20 feet into the air from the middle of the ring so that he lands with his face on the corner buckle.
2) They’ll stop using Shakespeare (Hamlet) in college curriculum
3) James Posey wins the NBA’s sportsmanship award.

Q: I was recently accepted to UCI and I enrolled, to be honest, the only reason I applied is because I heard rumors that Kobe works out there in the summer. I was wondering if there is any truth to that rumor or did I throw away four years of my life?
- Andrew, Anaheim, CA

MT: This is easily my favorite question of the year, and perhaps in my young sports career. I’m going to have to think about it before we get to the big Mailbag, Andrew. But thanks, that’s fantastic.

Want to get a last-minute question into the Mailbag? CLICK HERE.

Shannon Brown on the Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine Shannon BrownThe Popcorn Machine on is our regular podcast where Lakers Reporter Mike Trudell talks to Lakers players, coaches and broadcasters as well as national and local media members. If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here to go to our archive page.

In the latest episode of the Popcorn Machine Lakers guard Shannon Brown talked to us about his Final Four bound Michigan State Spartans, detailing his time and experience playing under head coach Tom Izzo at MSU, all while his six-month old son, Shannon Christopher, sat on his lap.

Listen below or head over to the Popcorn Machine homepage to check out all the previous episodes. If you like what you hear you can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by clicking here. Enjoy.

The Popcorn Machine

Hey folks. We’re starting a new podcast on called the Popcorn Machine, should you be interested.

We’ll talk to Lakers players, coaches and broadcasters, national and local media members, random celebrities and even some fans as the Lakers march towards the only goal the franchise sets … A championship (yup, just copied that from our PM page).

Alas, no one but Stu Lantz would be right for the first podcast, named after Chick Hearn.

Here’s the link. Mailbag

Hey folks.

We thought you might have a question or two for us, whether it’s a straight basketball inquiry (e.g. should Josh Powell be playing more?) or a random pop culture reference (e.g. which Lakers player would do best on “American Gladiators”).

Thus the creation of the Mailbag.

Just click on that link and follow the “click here to submit questions” at the top of the screen and we’re all good.

Hoping to hear from you soon.