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Out On The Road

The organization has deemed us fit to travel so for the next couple days we’ll be cruising Texas with the team and filing regular reports on the day-to-day life of an NBA team.

Day 1′s journal is up along with some video of the players arriving and some footage of the team plane. Check it out here.

Building on the Legacy

No Mitch Part III because we used what Mitch had to say about Andrew Bynum for a new piece by our feature writing guru Jeff Skibiski that details Drew’s journey from being the youngest player ever drafted to one of the brightest young stars the NBA has to offer in just three years.

Click here to read Andrew Bynum: Building on the Legacy

Catching Up With Mitch: Part II

Part two of our interview with Mitch has been posted. In this installment we talk about the impact Derek Fisher has had in a couple different facets of the game, what to do with the young rookies on the Lakers’ squad, some losses that really stick out in Mitch’s mind, and much more.

Click here for Part I and here for Part II.

They’ll be one more installment of the interview where we focus on the progression of Andrew Bynum.

Catching Up With Mitch: Part I

On Thursday we sat down with General Manager Mitch Kupchak to talk about the Lakers in the first trimester of the 2007-08 NBA Season.

We’ve posted Part I today. Check it out to hear what Mitch thinks about the play of Trevor Ariza, Ronny Turiaf, the rest of the bench, and how their strong play can help the Lakers in the post-season.

Click here to read the full interview and check back in the next couple of days for Part II where we talk with Mitch about some Vets, some Rookies, and some Andrew Bynum.

Lakers-Celtics Multimedia Mania

The game didn’t end up the way we wanted it too, but we did get a lot of stuff from last night’s game aside from the normal Game Photos & Post-Game Locker Talk.

The drop-cloth video from last night was awesome. A good look back at the historical match-ups in the Lakers-Celtics rivalry. Check it out on last night’s Lakers Gameday page.

We also got in the locker room early to talk to some of the guys about wearing the short shorts. Check that out by clicking here.

January Schedule Wallpaper

Click here to download the January Schedule Wallpaper

0801_wallpaper_400.jpg Ariza Comes Full Circle

The homepage has a feature up right now about the newest Laker, Trevor Ariza. The feature delves into Trevor’s journey around the NBA and his return to Los Angeles.

I read this:

Q. What life lessons can you take away from your time in New York and Orlando?

A. In New York, I was young, like 18, 19 so I definitely learned a lot from the older guys I was with since they’ve been in the game for so long. Sometimes, it was Stephon Marbury, Kurt Thomas…all those guys that were in New York with me. In Orlando, I learned what it’s like to bond as a family on your team.

And said to myself, “Thank God he’s got Derek Fisher to hang out with”

Read the rest of the piece here.

Scouting the Nuggets

Check out Lakers Courtside Connection before every game for the scouting report straight from the coaching staff.

Offensively, Denver wants to play fast and loose, averaging 15 fast break points per game (7th in the NBA), scoring 106.6 points per game (4th in the NBA). Coach Karl wants his players to attack the paint for lay-ups, free throw opportunities, quick Iso’s and post-ups or penetrate and pitches. Note: Denver 30-30-30 code equals 30 lay-ups, 30 free throws and 30 assists.

The Nuggets have good pushers and lane runners. Coach Karl talks about how A. Carter has added a play-making dimension to his team, allowing Iverson to work without the ball. We must find a comfortable road tempo, making good decisions with the ball, passing and have good shot selection with formation of our rebound/defensive balance pattern -get to the elbows for long rebounds. Denver will run out, throw ahead, use random screens. We need to contain the ball, building walls and closing down lanes.

Click here to read the full Scouting Report

Turiaf: A Multicultural Warrior features extraordinaire, Jeff Skibiski, sat down with Forward Ronny Turiaf to talk about his journey from the Caribbean island of Martinique, to Paris, to Gonzaga, through open heart surgery, and finally to his adopted home of Los Angeles.

Click here to read all about Ronny’s journey to the Association.

Pacers Scouting Report

Check out Lakers Courtside Connection before every game for the scouting report straight from the coaching staff.

The Indiana Pacers feature many of the same players who finished last season with the team but feature a new coach – Jim O’Brien – and a different pace that they are going to try to play. In the recent past the Pacers would walk the ball up and run their offense almost exclusively through All-Star Jermaine O’Neal. While they will not be confused with the Phoenix Suns anytime soon, they are looking to push the ball and create some early scoring opportunities based on the skills of the players they got in the trade with Golden State last season.

Click here to read the full Scouting Report