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T’Wolves Scouting Report

Check out Lakers Courtside Connection before every game for the scouting report straight from the coaching staff.

With the Timberwolves coming into STAPLES Center tonight the Lakers coaching staff examines their roster and breaks down a couple of their plays in today’s scouting report.

A play of particular importance is the “Sideline Rip”, which sets up big man Al Jefferson for easy buckets in the lane. (Click below to see video of this play)

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New Player Page has a new player page that features a lot of cool new elements. Check it out, it’s worth a look.

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Make sure you click on Andrew Bynum’s profile and go to the video section. You’ll find his ’07-’08 player profile that hasn’t even been played at STAPLES Center yet.

Hornets Scouting Report

Check out Lakers Courtside Connection before every game for the scouting report straight from the coaching staff.

Today’s Scouting Report focuses on the Hornets outside threats and the “Drags” they like to run early in the shot clock.

New Orleans is 3-0 coming off a win at Denver on Sunday. The biggest difference in the Hornets this season is that they are healthy. They battled through injuries last season and were in the playoff picture until the last few days of the season. They are ready to compete at a high level this season. The biggest change in personnel is that they lost Desmond Mason but signed Morris Peterson (3 point threat). New Orleans likes to play at a very up-tempo fast pace. They like to get the ball in Chris Paul’s hands and let him push it up the floor and explore the opportunities. They will set a plethora of “DRAGS” (early/transition screen and rolls) at any location, any angle.

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Stepping Into the Spotlight writer Jeff Skibiski takes an in-depth look at the Lakers first round pick in the piece Javaris Crittenton: Stepping Into the Spotlight

In completing his bicoastal journey, Crittenton has also been buoyed by the support of current Lakers teammates Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher. According to Crittenton, Bryant has singled him out for his diligence as a student of the game, happily sharing his All-NBA First Team knowledge by helping him with his defensive stances, explaining how to guard players based on their unique skill sets and how best to utilize his own offensive game.

“He’s been teaching me little nuances of the offense and things of that nature so it’s been great,” said Crittenton.

Veteran point guard Derek Fisher has similarly taken Crittenton under his wing—a move that is not lost on the rookie as he prepares for his first season of NBA action.

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New Splash Page

We’ve posted a new splash page for the new season that should get everyone fired up about opening night and the 60th anniversary season.

Check it out here or click the picture below.