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Phil Jackson Practice Notes

Notes from Phil Jackson’s post-practice media session on 10/01/08

  • When asked about Andrew Bynum’s performance so far Phil replied “Don’t ask”, but eventually elaborated (slightly) by saying “I thought Andrew was tired today so I don’t want to say anything about it.”
  • Although the Lakers are currently running two-a-day practices, by league mandate they are only allowed three and a half hours of actual practice time with contact. The rest of the time is used learning offensive patterns, defensive slide drills and conditioning. Phil mentioned that he wouldn’t mind having one long session, but the team’s fitness level isn’t up to that right now.
  • Trevor Ariza’s jump shot is being described by Jackson as adequate. “I don’t think anybody’s going to consider him a threat. I think he’s got an adequate jump shot that can keep people honest with it. I’m impressed with his abilities to make the jump shot. However, that’s not the strength of his game. His game’s going to be getting out there, being a slasher.”
  • On Josh Powell: “He’s impressed us a lot. He’s coming in playing hard. He’s got a lot of tenacity. He refuses to be boxed out. You’ve got to really put an effort into keeping him off the boards. He’s creating a lot of problems with our big guys, they know they’ve got a tiger down there after the rebound. He seems to have an idea of what we’re trying to do even though he’s only been here for one day. He seems relatively comfortable playing in our offense.”