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Happy Birthday, Lamar!

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom was born on November 6, 1979.

Thirty years later, he has a championship ring and a wife to cap a fantastic personal year.

Happy Birthday Lamar!


Monday Injury Update

58679772After Monday’s practice at L.A.’s facility in El Segundo, Phil Jackson provided an injury update for his three players on the MASH list:

Lamar Odom: The small forward, who suffered a bruised shin against Sacramento on Thursday in Las Vegas, participated almost fully in practice and is probable for Tuesday night’s game in Ontario, CA, against Golden State. Odom confirmed that he was feeling better after a few days of ice and stim.

Pau Gasol: Gasol, who tweaked a hamstring and first missed practice on Tuesday, Oct. 13, was a limited participant in practice but is listed as doubtful to face the Warriors.

Luke Walton: Like Gasol, Walton first missed practice last Tuesday, and is also doubtful for the Ontario game.

The next chance for Gasol and Walton to play will be on Thursday in Anaheim when the Lakers take on the Denver Nuggets, though Jackson has said that team’s priority is getting each Lakers’ player ready for the Oct. 27 season opener.

Odom Suffers Contusion

Add Lamar Odom to the list of Lakers forwards that are nursing minor injuries as training camp hits the midway point.

Late in the first half Ron Artest and Sacramento’s Jon Brockman got tangled up under the basket, eventually kicking Odom in the shin as they fell to the floor.

Odom would briefly return to action in the second half before retiring to the locker room to get checked out by trainer Gary Vitti. He is officially being listed as day-to-day with a lower right leg contusion.

After the game Odom told’s Mike Trudell that while the shin was sore, he wasn’t overly worried about it.

Happy B-Day, Kobe. From Lamar.

Bryant - OdomOn his Twitter feed this past Sunday, Lamar Odom offered some off-court words to his on-court leader:

“Happy Birthday to my boy, Kobe Bryant.”

Odom’s words came in honor of Bryant’s 31st birthday, putting a bookend on the year Kobe won his first NBA Finals MVP award in culmination of his fourth championship with the Lakers.

On our end, we’re assembling a list featuring 31 of Kobe’s most memorable NBA moments, set to go out in the next day or two.

Should there be a moment you’d like to make sure isn’t missed, send a tweet to @LakersReporter.

Lamar Odom Is Back

The Lakers and free agent forward Lamar Odom have reached a verbal agreement on a multi-year contract, according to Odom’s agent Jeff Schwartz. Lakers spokesman John Black confirmed that the two sides have reached an agreement and hope to have a signed contract in the next few days.


Mitch Kupchak Podcast on Brown, + Artest/Odom

Shannon Brown - Ron ArtestWe sat down with Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak on Thursday afternoon primarily to discuss the signing of Shannon Brown, and also to touch on the Ron Artest deal … plus the team’s continued hope to retain the services of Lamar Odom.

Clearly, Kupchak is still pretty busy.

He detailed what the Lakers like about Brown’s game, explained why the 23-year-old was acquired in the first place, and opined on why signing Artest put the team in a better position to ink Brown and Odom. Kupchak also said that while L.A. would like to expedite the Lamar talks, the organization has “way too much” respect for the versatile swingman to rush the process: “We’re hopeful that a day goes by, two days or maybe the weekend and we’ll have more clarity,” he concluded.

You can listen to the audio (9:53) by clicking below:

Lamar Odom: Exit Interview

blog_090616lamarodomBeing asked to change his role more so than any other Laker despite being in a contract year didn’t limit the production of Lamar Odom in a terrific 2008-09, who ultimately played a major role in L.A.’s championship.

Though Odom ended up starting 32 games when Andrew Bynum went down with a torn MCL midway through the season, Odom primarily served as the most effective and versatile bench player in the league, giving L.A. a marked advantage with matchups regardless of which opponent lined up against the purple and gold.

Odom’s numbers didn’t tell the true story of his contribution, but were impressive nonetheless. In the regular season, Odom averaged 11.3 points, 8.3 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 0.99 steals and 1.26 blocks on 49.2 percent from the field in 29.7 minutes. In the postseason, Odom upped his averages to 12.3 points, 9.1 rebounds, 1.8 assists, 0.70 steals and 1.35 blocks in 32.0 minutes, while improving his three-point shooting percentage from 32 percent in the regular season to a team-high 51.4 percent in the playoffs, including his back-to-back threes in the third quarter of Game 5 of the Finals that cut Orlando’s comeback attempt.

Of course, much of the discussion in Odom’s exit interview dealt with his pending free agency. Here’s a summary:

- Odom began by saying that his exit interview with Mitch Kupchak and Phil Jackson went well, and didn’t have much to do with basketball. He said that he hoped his contract negotations would go in similar fashion, and take no longer than 20 minutes. His mind is on returning to the Lakers, be he acknowledged that he’ll just have to wait and see how negotiations go.

- Lamar said felt good about his game: “I did my job this year – come off the bench, do whatever it takes. If I had to play well, I played well, when we had to win, we won.”

- He said: “The best thing about winning a championship is you feel like you can win another one.”

- When asked what he might do if it comes down to more money somewhere else vs. less to stay in L.A.: “It’s always difficult … But at the end of the day I have to make the decision that’s best for my family. Not so much for myself but for my family. I own a home, own a car, everything I do now is for my kids.”

- Odom remains fatigued in general but has really enjoyed the outpouring of support from Lakers fans: “I’m still emotional right now. I’m tired as hell. One of the reasons I’m tired is probably because I’m so emotional. We accomplished a lot … And the parade, to be going through what we’re going to. It’s crazy. You go to a restaurant everyone stands up. You go to the super market and everyone’s clapping. It’s crazy.”

- Going to another team and starting doesn’t make a difference to Odom, who said he “Won my first championship coming off the bench.”

- On what sense he got from talking to Phil and Mitch: “We hardly talked about basketball. That’s a good sign. We took care of what we needed to on the court. They just wanted me to stay in shape.”

- And the funniest quote of the exit interviews so far: “I’m decent looking and when we go out, I’m well received. You know. They want me to take care of myself and sleep correctly, stay in the weight room. That means they want me back.” To translate, apparently Mitch and Phil were more concerned that Odom maintains his basketball shape this offseason than anything.

- Odom got his teammates a gift but didn’t want to elaborate on what it was other than explaining it was a beverage of sorts.

- He said that next season, with this Lakers roster, he expects to play more point guard and more small forward, a nod to the fact that Andrew Bynum will surely play more minutes.

- When asked about his improved three-point shooting, Odom said this: “Every time I work myself out or a big man work out I feel like I can get better at the game, and this year I shot the ball a lot better from three.” In the playoffs, anyway, that was very true.

- He said his biggest contribution was providing energy for the team: “Getting them revved up and ready to play defense. When I get going, the guys feed off it.”

- On keeping him and Trevor: “I don’t know how the books look. It’s important, we want to keep the team together. We just won a championship. You don’t want to see one piece not there if you can help it, but it’s the business.”

Odom’s Back Still Sore, But Improving

An hour prior to L.A.’s Game 1 tip against Denver, Lamar Odom answered a few questions in the locker room about his sore lower back, which he will not allow to limit him against Denver.

“It’s not the time for that, right?” he said. “No excuses at this time of the year. ”

But make no mistake … It’s sore.

“There’s a little patch of fluid that just kind of lays on the spine, and it’s not going to go anywhere until I finish playing,” explained Odom.

He did acknowledge, however, that his back is feeling better on a daily basis; Odom got a nice boost on Tuesday by lifting weights for the first time since his Game 4 fall in Houston. That, to Odom, was as good a sign as any that he’s progressing.

“(Lifting) helped me get my blood flowing and helped me get some energy,” he explained. “I need the weight room, it helps me stay strong.”

He certainly prefers lifting to the shot that he received prior to Game 5 in the Houston series, which helped limit the inflamation in his back for that game but bothered him in the morning.

“The shot, to me, kind of tricked my body into feeling like it wasn’t hurt,” he said. “But the next day, I was feeling kind of sore. So I’d rather not do it. El natural. That’s what they call me.”

Lakers In A Decidedly Different Mood

Lamar OdomCheck out the Video HERE
Last time the Lakers were in Houston, there was a certain sense of calm and confidence percolating through the pregame locker room air.

Lamar Odom was digging through a slew of candy bags; Trevor Ariza was messing around with Derek Fisher; Shannon Brown and Josh Powell were chatting about music … And so on.

The team’s mood subsequent to Thursday’s shootaround on this trip to Texas was decidedly different.

There were no smiles, no jokes, no candy and little engagement in interviews with Kobe Bryant (all business), Phil Jackson (quite brief) and even the ever-gregarious Lamar Odom, who kept his commentary on questions to a minimum.

Odom did reveal a few things: A) He’ll come off the bench and Andrew Bynum will start; B) His back is still stiff, but has improved slightly and won’t keep him from helping his teammates.

On the surface, it would seem that L.A. remembers all to well what happened in its 99-87 loss to the Rockets the last time they set foot on Houston’s floor, but as Odom admitted, talk is cheap.

L.A.’s going to have to prove that its more focused pregame mood will translate into effort on the court. Sure, it’d be nice to pound the ball inside to Bynum and Pau Gasol, get Bryant good looks out of the triangle, limit Houston’s three-point shooting with solid help rotations and continue to clog up the defensive paint, but assistant coach Jim Cleamons said there was only one thing upon which the Lakers need to focus: effort.

It’s the most simple point that could be made about L.A., but also the most accurate: Just look at the team’s past 92 games and see how the Lakers did when they brought the pain (er, energy).

They won.

Check out the Video HERE