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Odom a Game-Time Decision

Lakers forward Lamar Odom, who bruised his back after an airborne drive in Sunday’s 99-87 loss at Houston, participated in Tuesday’s shootaround and will be a game-time decision for the 7:30 p.m. tipoff.

What does “game-time decision” mean, you wonder?

Just what it implies, but let’s get more specific: A given player – in this case Odom – will get on the court under the training staff’s supervision and test out his injury prior to the game. The training staff will then discuss the situation with the coaching staff, and collectively that player’s fate is decided. Of course, a player’s personal feelings as to whether or not he can battle through the injury is taken into consideration as well.

Indeed, Odom will go through some drills upon arriving at STAPLES, have a few conversations, and leave it to Phil Jackson to let the media know his status at about 6:15 p.m.

When we know … You’ll know.

If Odom isn’t able to go, look for Andrew Bynum to start.

Odom CT Scan and MRI Update

According to Lakers spokesman John Black, results of Lamar Odom’s Monday morning CT scan and MRI are that he has a lower back contusion (bruised back).

His status for Tuesday evening’s Game 5 vs. Houston – which tips off at 7:30 p.m. – is questionable, and his condition will be updated subsequent to Tuesday morning’s shootaround.

Odom bruised his back while falling hard to the floor during an airborne drive in Sunday’s 99-87 loss at Houston, as Rockets forward Shane Battier slid underneath Odom while attempting to draw a charge.

After the game, Odom said that he would not practice on Monday, but that we could “hopefully help the team on Tuesday.”

Sore Odom to be Evaluated on Monday

With 6:01 remaining in the third quarter of Sunday’s Game 4 loss to Houston, Lamar Odom fell hard onto his back after Shane Battier stepped under his body during an airborne drive to the hoop to draw a charge.

Odom got up under his own power and walked to the locker room, but was declared out with “back spasms” for the remainder of the game.

After the contest, Odom had this to say: “I won’t be able to practice but hopefully I can help the team on Tuesday.”

On Monday, Odom will have an MRI and CAT scan to determine his status for Tuesday’s Game 5, but for now he’s listed as day-to-day.

Phil Jackson: Odom “Likely” To Start

Lamar Odom - Luis ScolaSubsequent to L.A.’s Wednesday morning shootaround, head coach Phil Jackson said that Lamar Odom would likely move into the starting lineup for the 7:30 p.m. tip against Houston.

The decision that would put Andrew Bynum onto the bench won’t become concrete until, at the earliest, Jackson’s pregame media session. Here are a few guesses, in ABCDE-style, as to why Jackson might make the change:

A) Bynum’s inclusion in the starting lineup can limit the early offensive activity for Pau Gasol, who’s among the league’s best when the action runs through him whether he’s shooting or passing.

B) Of the two low-post scorers, Gasol may have a better chance of getting Rockets center Yao Ming to commit fouls on the low block, or at least forcing him to play 1-on-1 defense in the paint. Furthermore, the threat of Gasol’s 15-footer is likely to force Yao out of the lane at times, in contrast to Game 1 where he was most effective when camped out in the lane. With the big man stepping out, driving lanes open for L.A.’s wing players.

C) Starting gives Odom the best chance to get into the flow of the game, which will be particularly important heading into the fourth quarter. Coming off the bench in the regular season is different from the playoffs, since the minutes are less loosely dispersed. Odom played 16 minutes in the first half of Monday’s loss, but only managed four points, two boards and an assist. He finished with nine points, five boards and three assists in 31 minutes and missed 6-of-7 free throw attempts.

D) When Bynum comes in off the pine, the 21-year-old will – at least at times – have a big matchup advantage. Since Yao probably can’t play 40 minutes as he did in Game 1, the Rockets will have to send the much smaller Carl Landry or Chuck Hayes (if not Luis Scola) on to contend with L.A.’s seven footer. And with Kobe Bryant or Gasol likely be on the bench, Bynum’s aggressiveness on offense will work just fine. While the coaching staff would like him to focus on his defense and rebounding at that stage, the ability to dump the ball down to a big center with a matchup advantage is enticing.

E) Foul trouble isn’t as much of an issue when coming off the bench.

Stay tuned before the game for Jackson’s official announcement of his starting five, which you can find through the home page or our Playoff Central page.

Odom on Bynum: “Awesome”

When Lamar Odom was asked how Andrew Bynum looked in L.A.’s Saturday practice, he needed just a word: “Awesome.”

Odom went on to explain what ‘Drew was able to do in the team’s 5-on-5 session and what having the young center back in L.A.’s lineup will mean for the Lakers, and we had the camera rolling:

Odom Igniting His Natural Glow

The advertising slogan for Vaseline’s Cocoa Butter product just happens to apply quite well to Lakers forward Lamar Odom: “Ignite your natural glow.”

Anyone who’s been around Odom – at least anyone I’ve met – can attest to the fact that Odom has a natural glow to his personality. Now, it also didn’t take long to notice that Odom applies a substantial amount of cocoa butter to his skin. In fact, it’s the first thing he does before games as he’s changing into his uniform, and the first thing he does before putting on his clothes after a game (or practices, obviously).

The reason we bring this up just a few minutes before tipoff in Detroit? Odom had one of my personal favorite quotes when I asked him how much cocoa butter he went through: “The only person that’s going to take care of my skin is me,” he said with a broad grin on his face.

Good point, Lamar. Simple, yet right to the point.

Odom to Miss Wednesday’s Game

Lamar Odom will not available Wednesday night in Houston when the Lakers tip-off against the Rockets (5:30pm, KCAL/9 HD).

NBA Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Stu Jackson levied a one game suspension against Odom for “leaving the immediate vicinity of the bench during an altercation” at the end of the third quarter Monday night in Portland.

The incident occurred after Trevor Ariza committed a hard foul as Blazers guard Rudy Fernandez attempted a layup. Fernandez was knocked off balance and was unable to brace himself, hitting the deck hard. Tempers flared near the Lakers bench as Fernandez laid on the ground in pain and was later taken off the court on a stretcher for precautionary reasons. He spent the night in a Portland area hospital, but was expected to be released later today.

Odom will serve the suspension tomorrow night against the Rockets and is expected to re-join the team Thursday in San Antonio.

Read the Full Press Release Here

Ariza, Odom React to Third Quarter Incident

Trevor Ariza - Rudy FernandezWith 2.2 seconds remaining in the third quarter of L.A.’s 111-94 loss at Portland, Trevor Ariza committed a hard foul on Blazers wing Rudy Fernandez. Here’s how we described the play in our running diary as it happened.

0:02.2 … Ariza committed a hard foul on Fernandez going to the hoop, but seemed to get a decent amount of ball. However, Fernandez went down really hard, and Portland’s entire team* ran over to get in Ariza’s face. It didn’t appear that any punches were thrown, but there was a great deal of pushing going on, particularly from Brandon Roy and Travis Outlaw… etc.

*To clarify, I meant Portland’s four other starters.

The replay of the incident shows that Ariza did indeed first make contact with the ball, but followed through to connect solidly with Fernandez, who stayed on the ground for a good 10 minutes (while Fernandez had movement in all of his extremities, he did complain about chest pain, as he did fall almost directly on his elbow and side). The result of the play was a flagrant two foul on Ariza, which demanded an automatic rejection, but does not mention a mandatory suspension on’s rule page.

“Trevor went for the ball,” said Lakers head coach Phil Jackson. “That’s what you do when you’re a player. It’s just unfortunate.”

After the game, surrounded by reporters, Ariza first stated that his only concern is Fernandez’s health, explaining that there was definitely no intent to injure, and that his thoughts were with Portland’s rookie from Spain. He went on to say this:

L.A.’s other potential concern following the incident is the question of whether or not Lamar Odom left the bench enough to warrant a suspension by the NBA. Odom certainly didn’t think so.

“I stayed on the bench,” he said. “I stood up, but I stood right there … (The league) will see the replay … I (didn’t) go anywhere. No intent.”

Odom added that L.A. might want to start treating every team as if they’re the Boston Celtics, but all in all, we’ll surely we’ll hear more about it on Tuesday.

After Shootaround with Lamar

Fresh off his 28 points and 17 boards in Cleveland, Lamar Odom turned his coaching mind on to preview the Oklahoma City Thunder for us. Odom explained why the Lakers can’t take the Thunder – who have gone 10-9 since opening the season at 3-29 – lightly, particularly after returning from a 6-0 road trip.

Odom & Kershaw

The old adage is that athletes want to be rock stars and rock stars want to be athletes. Some ballers even want to try their hand at other sports, as we recently saw with Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom.

At practice on Tuesday a contingent of Dodgers’ prospects and officials converged on the Lakers practice facility for a chance to see how Phil Jackson puts his team through the paces. They also got to talk with Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and take pictures with Kobe Bryant.

Dodgers top prospect Clayton Kershaw was on hand and took some time to interact with arguably the biggest baseball fan on the roster, fellow lefty Lamar Odom.

Clayton throws gas, but can he hit the three-pointer when he needs to? Lamar has no problem boarding, but how would he fair on the mound? Would he be in the rotation or come out of the pen? Check the video above to see what kind of odds they gave each other.