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2/2/12 Injury Update: Steve Blake

Lakers point guard Steve Blake, who has been out since Jan. 11 after suffering a costochaondral fracture (fracture of the cartilage that connects the rib to the sternum), was cleared for running on a treadmill by doctors on Tuesday prior to L.A.’s win over Charlotte.

Blake’s healing is progressing at the normal, expected pace, and there remains no specific timetable for his return. The team originally suspected that he’d be out for 3-4 weeks from the original incident, which actually occurred on Jan. 10 vs. Phoenix and was aggravated at Utah the next night.

Blake will join the team on the 6-game Grammy trip for which they take flight on Thursday afternoon.

Steve Blake Injury Update

LOS ANGELES - After further evaluation, it has been determined that Lakers guard Steve Blake will be out approximately three to four weeks dur to the costochaondral fracture (fracture of the cartilage that connects the rib to the sternum) he originally suffered during the Lakers game against Phoenix on Tuesday and aggravated in Wednesday’s game at Utah.

Steve Blake Eager for Season

Lakers point guard Steve Blake spent a few minutes with reporters after a workout on Thursday afternoon, the day before the start of training camps across the NBA. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: On what he’s looking to do this season:
Blake: Just be better in every aspect. It will be a different system, so maybe I’ll be able to be a little more successful. Just be productive, whether it’s getting assists, shooting, defensively, just be better.

Q: On why he might be more successful in Brown’s system:
Blake: It’s a more traditional point guard role. You get the ball in your hands, get to push it a little bit more and be a little more creative.

Q: On figuring out the balance of attacking himself with all the other offensive options on the roster:
Blake: Of course we have great scorers that need the ball in their hands, and that’s my job as a point guard to create for them, get them the ball in situations where they can be successful.

Q: On putting some muscle on:
Blake: I gained a little muscle and strength. I had a lot of time to do that. It’s not like you’re going to see major changes from me, because I have a body type that makes it hard to gain a lot of weight, but physically I feel good. I definitely put the work in this summer.

Q: On his role:
Blake: I’m just going to try to be the best player I can be. I’m not going out there to try to win a starting job or anything like that. Everyone on this team is my teammate, so I’m not here to try to show them up or beat them. I just want our team to be better. Whether it’s coming off the bench again, fine. Starting, great. It’s all about us winning a championship this year.

Q: On not shooting as well last season:
Blake: Just get more shots up and come into the season with confidence.

Q: On the benefit of having a year in L.A. already with his teammates:
Blake: It helps out a lot. My most successful years have been coming back after playing with guys for a year, knowing where they like the ball, where they pass the ball out of and where I can be open for them. That familiarity is big.

Q: On the shortened/compressed schedule:
Blake: It’s going to be a grind. Non stop. It’s important for everyone to really be mentally focused and willing to rest their bodies when they have the opportunities, from eating right to getting to bed on time. All the things you tell your kids.

Q: On if the long layoff affected his preparation physically:
Blake: I was going hard the whole summer after resting (just after) the season. I probably kept myself conditioning wise at about 85 percent, and as soon as we found out it was time to go, you push yourself to try and get to 110 percent.

Q: On being mad about how 2010-11 ended:
Blake: It’s still with me … I don’t think that goes away until you finish the season, this year, right. It’s always in the back of your mind that you have something to prove.

Barnes, Blake Soon Back to LAL Gym?

Steve Blake and Matt Barnes had such high hopes coming to the twice defending champion Lakers last offseason, the prospect of joining Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and Co. so enticing for two veterans in search of an elusive ring.

The season ended suddenly and in collective disappointment for the Lakers 10 months later, and Barnes and Blake took the Round 2 loss to Dallas particularly hard, as neither were satisfied with what they were able to provide individually despite wanting so badly to contribute. Barnes was most frustrated about not being able to find his way back from knee surgery in January, while Blake struggled to find a rhythm within the offense, or hit the perimeter shots he’s made throughout his career.

A week past exit interviews, no Lakers player has returned to the building to start working out again (as is customary), but Director of Athletic Performance/Player Development Chip Schaefer, also in charge of strength and conditioning for the team, said he expects “gym rats like Barnes and Blake” to be among the first to come back to the gym.

Where better to start attacking all that pent up frustration?

Steve Blake: 2010-11 Exit Interview

In his first season as a Laker, Steve Blake averaged 4.0 points, 2.2 assists and 1.9 boards on 35.9 percent shooting and 37.8 percent from three in 20 minutes per game, focusing on running the offense. In the playoffs, he averaged 2.2 points and 2.2 assists on 30.4 percent field goals and made 6-of-18 threes (33.3 percent) in 16.1 minutes per game.

Below is a summary of his exit interview:

On losing to Dallas: “It’s extremely frustrating. Not only to lose, but just lose the way (we did). (Dallas) played great, made a lot of shots, took advantage of our mistakes. But at the same time, it’s tough to know how good you really are as a team with the coaches we have and still go down that way. It was tough.”

On trying to find a comfort zone: “I never really felt like I got to be playing the best that I could be. There were some points that I did. I can’t really explain why, but I was comfortable. I loved my teammates, loved the coaches. I just never really found my stride and continued in it. I just had stretches.”

On the triangle offense: “It’s a little different for the point guard. It was something I definitely had to get used to. If we still ran it, I’d have the whole summer to really work on the aspects that the triangle uses from the point guard position. Whether we run it or we run something different next year I’ll be better either way, just cause I’ll have the whole summer to work on where I know I can be effective in the triangle offense, or if we play a different style, I’m definitely up for that as well.”

Blake Out with Chicken Pox

Lakers backup point guard Steve Blake is out indefinitely after being diagnosed with the chicken pox on Tuesday morning.

The team learned of Blake’s condition after the team’s shootaround in preparation for Tuesday’s game against San Antonio. He’ll very likely miss Wednesday’s game at Sacramento as well in advance of the playoffs, which start either Saturday or Sunday. Blake will be monitored throughout the week.

Meanwhile, Matt Barnes is having soreness in the knee that kept him out of 28 games, and is listed as “questionable” heading into the Spurs game.

Blake on the Road

On a trip like L.A.’s Grammy trek through seven NBA cities in 12 days, there are many sights to be seen, many things to do, all kinds of ways to keep oneself busy off the basketball court.

Even with limited time outside of the games, practices and film sessions, some players partake, particularly in cities like New York and Boston.

Steve Blake? He usually just chills.

“I watch movies in the room, mostly, maybe find some nice places to eat dinner,” he said prior to L.A.’s loss in Charlotte. “For the most part I just stay in the room unless I have family in the town that I’m in.”

In the past few nights, Blake said he’s watched “Skyline” and “Jackass 3,” the latter of which he found hilarious, particularly the scene where the guys were messing around with the jet from a plane engine and … uh, we probably shouldn’t print that.

Alas, Blake’s other primary past time on the road is calling his wife, Kristen, and three sons back in Los Angeles.

“I call home all the time,” he offered. “We always keep in touch just to see what’s going on and how they’re doing. My oldest is four, he can have a regular conversation where we talk about his school and stuff. My two year old just wants to hold the phone and speak whatever language he’s speaking right now. You can talk to him, but you can’t make out a lot of his words.

“We usually do use Skype but this trip we haven’t since my wife and kids have been kind of sick.”

Blake’s on-court team is not a cliquey one, a basketball squad that has little in common with the middle school lunch table.

“Everybody hangs out with everybody, which is nice,” the former National Champ at Maryland explained. “Some teams will have clique of two or three guys, but we don’t.”

Blake goes grubbing most often with Luke Walton and Shannon Brown, as well as Matt Barnes — currently back in L.A. rehabilitating his knee — when he’s traveling, but had dinner with Derek Fisher the other night and sometimes Kobe Bryant.

He’ll have a chance for one more dinner on Tuesday night in Cleveland before the final game of the trip against the Cavs on Wednesday. Then maybe one more movie on the flight back to his wife and boys in California.

Nov. 15 Injury Update: Odom, Ratliff & Blake

blog_101115odomratliff_updates500UCLA Health SystemWith a Tuesday-Wednesday back-to-back against the Bucks and Pistons on the horizon, the Lakers had some injury questions as Lamar Odom and Theo Ratliff underwent respective MRI’s on Monday morning, and Steve Blake had missed Sunday evening’s loss against Phoenix with a stomach virus.

L.A. got good news relating to Odom, as the MRI on a sore right foot came back negative. The MRI did confirm what Phil Jackson had previously described as a “bone bruise,” but the lanky lefty can play on it and will stay in the starting lineup against Milwaukee.

Blake is also expected to play in Wisconsin, as he was feeling better and did make the trip with the team.

The news is not so good in Ratliff’s case, however, as the 37-year-old center will have arthroscopic surgery on Tuesday morning in hopes of discerning the problem with his sore left knee. Lakers spokesman John Black said that the team would provide an update after the surgery.

***UPDATE: Ratliff had successful surgery and will miss at least 4-6 weeks. You can find the details by clicking here.

Blake Doubtful vs. Phoenix

RT @KevinDing: Steve Blake (stomach virus) is listed as doubtful for Lakers tonight vs. visiting Phoenix.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Steve Blake Postgame Interview

103892738AB_Rkts_LkrsLakers guard Steve Blake spent a few minutes with us following L.A.’s 114-106 road win in Phoenix, detailing what he thinks is leading to a terrific opening two contests from L.A.’s bench.

Blake struggled with his shot a game after hitting 3-of-4 threes, including the game winner, against Houston, but managed six points on 2-of-8 field goals with two assists and no turnovers in 19 minutes. Matt Barnes added 11 points — including three three-pointers, two of which came in the fourth quarter — and five rebounds with a steal in 18 minutes, while Shannon Brown contributed eight points and a swipe in 15 minutes.

Below is the transcript:

MT: Two games in, and it’s been clear how effective the bench has been. Phil Jackson mentioned after the game that he was particularly pleased with the second unit’s defense in the second half. Are you already feeling some collective confidence?
Blake: Yes, we’re feeling great out there together. We all know what we need to do is bring energy, be scrappy on defense and be ready to step up on offense if needed.

MT: Kobe Bryant has expressed his personal approval for the way that you and Barnes in particular don’t back down from anything, including him in seasons past. How would you describe your mindset?
Blake: Well, guys are going to go hard. We’re going to put it all out there, whether you like it or not. We’re going to come at you, and if you come at us, we’re not going to back down. It’s as simple as that. Kobe’s told me before that he respected that, and Matt’s the same kind of guy, and a lot of guys on this team are like that as well. At the same time, you see how approachable and close everybody is, trying to help each other on the floor and everything, so it’s a great feeling to be on the floor with guys like that.

MT: Perhaps by the end of the month, you could get Lamar Odom — arguably the league’s best player who’d come off the pine — to the second unit. What are your expectations for when Andrew Bynum returns?
Blake: Can you imagine Pau at the four? He’s so much bigger and so good that for him to be going against power forwards is going to be crazy. And I love making those passes up around the rim, so I’m looking forward to having Bynum go and get them.

MT: Finally, is there any consideration of the heavy minutes Gasol and Odom may have to play until Bynum returns? Both played 40 minutes tonight.
Blake: It’s basketball. When you step away from it, you say ‘Oh yeah,’ I’d like to have this many minutes.’ But during the game, you’re never thinking about that. You want to play the whole game. Everybody wants to play the whole game, no matter how tired or hurt you are. Guys aren’t thinking about that.