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Playoff Podcast: Chocolate Thunder

dawkThe creator of “The Chocolate-Thunder-Flying, Robinzine-Crying, Teeth-Shaking, Glass-Breaking, Rump-Roasting, Bun-Toasting, Wham-Bam, Glass-Breaker-I-Am-Jam” slam dunk, NBA legend Darryl Dawkins, joined us on Tuesday afternoon for the latest Playoff Podcast.

Dawkins, who will be in Los Angeles on Saturday and Sunday May 22-23 as the NBA Nation Ambassador, joined us to detail the weekend’s events at Universal City Walk Hollywood, and went on to offer a name for Shannon Brown’s near monster jam on Jason Richardson, to describe his playing days against Magic, Worthy, Kareem and the Showtime Lakers, to talk about meeting Kobe Bryant as a young kid and more.

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Playoff Podcast: Spero Dedes

59129266Lakers play-by-play radio voice Spero Dedes joined us from his house to discuss what we normally go over on the airplane…

What’s happening with the Lakers; what to expect in the next series; the coaching brilliance of Phil Jackson; Pau Gasol’s ridiculous level of play and more. And so on.

Dedes, keeping busy studying the Suns with so many days between the Western Conference Semi’s and Finals, also offered his thoughts on the matchup.

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Playoff Podcast: TNT’s Kevin Harlan

56725913As the play-by-play man alongside analyst Doug Collins on TNT’s national coverage of the NBA regular season and playoffs, the always-on-point Kevin Harlan frequently watched both the Lakers and Suns from his courtside seat.

Harlan joined us for a Playoff Podcast to discuss myriad topics, including what he has learned about L.A. from pregame discussions with Collins and Phil Jackson (production meetings), what he saw from Phoenix in the first two rounds, the dominance of L.A.’s post game and his prediction for the Western Conference Finals.

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Playoff Podcast: Chris Bodaken

59894465Lakers Scout/Director of Video Services Chris Bodaken began dissecting the Suns on film before L.A. had even finished off the Jazz, and shared some of what he saw with us on the latest version of our Playoff Podcast.

Bodaken also happened to be the guy who picked Kobe Bryant up at the airport when he was a 17-year-old kid, and he told us a story about meeting Kobe before detailing how their long-time relationship has made it easier for Bodaken to know how No. 24 likes to get his video cut. Furthermore, Bodaken offered his thoughts on working for Lakers Head Coach Phil Jackson and alongside L.A.’s assistant coaches, which in the case of Phoenix is Brian Shaw.

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Playoff Podcast: Salt Lake Tribune’s Ross Siler

silerNobody’s written more about the Utah Jazz of late than Salt Lake Tribune beat writer Ross Siler, who joined us for another Playoff Podcast.

Siler, who used to cover the Lakers, detailed some differences between two of the league’s most fun coaches to cover, offered some nuggets about the always interesting Ukrainian center Kyrylo Fesenko, shared some thoughts on point guard Deron Williams and looked ahead at Games 3 and 4 in Salt Lake City.

For more, head over to our Lakers 2010 Playoff Central page, or follow Mike on Twitter on the @LakersReporter account. Podcast: Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports

marcspearsLongtime NBA writer Marc Spears, currently covering hoops nationally for Yahoo! Sports, joined us on Wednesday afternoon for the latest Playoff Podcast.

Spears shared some of his travel secrets from years on the beat (do not fly in on the day of a game) and mentioned his most underrated NBA cities (Salt Lake City, anybody?), offered some names on his “Favorite Players to Interview” list (like Yao Ming), detailed why he thinks Andrew Bynum could dominate for years (underrated offensive skills) and more.

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Playoff Podcast: ESPN’s Ryen Russillo

russilloFor our latest playoff podcast on, we welcomed the national opinion of ESPN’s Ryen Russillo, who hosts the NBA Today podcast and co-hosts the Scott Van Pelt Show on the Worldwide Leader.

Russillo offered his perspective on what’s going on in the Western Conference (where seeding apparently doesn’t matter), took a look at the Lakers – Thunder matchup, gave his current Top 5 NBA players, handicapped the Eastern playoffs and debated whether or not to include 2pac among his top five MC’s.

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Playoff Podcast: TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott

100420henryabbottWe called up TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott to discuss Joakim Noah’s postgame comments about Cleveland, Chauncey Billups’s decision making down the stretch (where’s ‘Melo!), L.A.’s series with Oklahoma City and more.

We interrupted Abbott from his Tuesday Bullets post to discuss why Noah’s fun, what might happen with Denver and Utah and whether or not Andrew Bynum’s successful return changed his view on the Lakers.

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Thunder Preview Podcast

D072503015.JPGLakers coaching assistant Rasheed Hazzard, who’s been focusing on the Thunder all week, joined us for a detailed podcast previewing the first round matchup.

We went through position-by-position matchups, discussed how the Lakers’ coaching staff is approaching the team’s game plan and more.

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Playoff Podcast #23: Matt Money Smith

Matt Money SmithGreat Lakers Mind Matt Money Smith may host a National radio show, but many Lakers fans know him best for his work on AM570′s pre and postgame shows that sandwich each Lakers radio broadcast.

We appreciate Money for his rational, clear-headed Lakers take, which he showcased in an extended discussion from Orlando about the Finals, the impact of Lamar Odom, Kobe Bryant’s offensive genius, Pau Gasol’s defense and more.

As always, listen below or check out Playoff Central for everything else you need to know about this series.