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Phil Jackson Pregame Audio

Lakers head coach Phil Jackson spent much of his seven-minute pregame media session talking about his championship rings, as this is the first playoff round he’s not worn the 2002 ring since 2003.

Though he revealed that there’s little that hasn’t already been covered regarding the Jazz, he spoke briefly on the matchup as well.

Playoff Podcast #2: Ross Siler

Ross SIlerHaving covered the Lakers for the L.A. Daily News and as the current beat writer for the Salt Lake Tribune covering the Jazz, Ross Siler is in a unique position to analyze the coming first round series. We called Siler on Friday afternoon to talk about Mehmet Okur’s playing status, Jerry Sloan’s mind games and the matchup as a whole.

Playoff Podcast #1: Kevin Ding

Kevin DingKevin Ding of the Orange County Register and Phil Jackson both came to the Lakers at the same time, and it’s unclear who brought championships to L.A. We spoke to Ding about the playoffs and changes in covering the team over a nine-year period.