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Adam Morrison: Manning the Sideline

Adam MorrisonLakers forward Adam Morrison hasn’t played a single minute in the 2009 postseason, yet he, just like his other 13 teammates, is one win away from an NBA championship.

After coming to the Lakers in a midseason trade from Charlotte along with Shannon Brown for Vladimir Radmanovic, Morrison’s done his best to both strengthen his knee and improve his overall game, and said he’s understood and even appreciated his place on the bench despite never sitting on the sidelines in his basketball career. A talented scorer and a No. 3 overall draft pick, Morrison knows in his mind that he has what it takes to contribute to a winning team, but that this season just hasn’t been his time.

Before we got kicked off the floor prior to L.A.’s Saturday afternoon practice, Morrison sat down with us to talk about what it’s like sitting in his shoes.