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Kobe Announces Official Chinese Website

Kobe BryantTo: 300 million Chinese basketball fans
From: Kobe Bryant
Subject: Welcome to my new website

Quite remarkable that nearly as many people as there are in the United States have become some of the world’s most passionate basketball fans … And all in one country.

Sitting in front of a room full of Chinese fans, sponsors, SINA representatives (the company hosting his Chinese website), Chinese and American media and others at L.A. Live’s Club Nokia, Kobe Bryant marveled at the support and attention he’s received in China particularly at and since the Olympics.

Kobe Bryant“I think it’s amazing how much basketball has brought the world together, and the amount of respect and love that I have for (my Chinese) fans has continued to grow year after year,” said Bryant. “The passion that they have for the game of basketball is remarkable.

For me to have the opportunity to teach them some of the things that I’ve learned has been phenomenal, and now with the addition of the website, they have more of an opportunity to see it on a daily basis, and I’ll be able to reach out to them on a personal level and continue to try and teach them some of the values that I’ve learned from the game.”

Flanked by China’s CCTV basketball commentator Yu Jia and SINA CEO and President Charles Chao, Bryant – clad in a sharp maroon and gold traditional Chinese costume (pictured) – talked about the new website, hoops in China and how his relationship developed with SINA.

“I feel this is a perfect way for me to stay in close touch with my fans in China and for them to stay in touch with me,” Bryant concluded.

All 300 million of ‘em.