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Yao Looks Towards Sun

Sun Yue Yao MingPrior to L.A.’s thrilling victory in Houston (get some, Kobe), we spent a few minutes asking Rockets center Yao Ming about his Chinese National Team cohort Sun Yue.

Yao, ever gracious in conducting daily interviews not only with a full complement of Chinese journalists (there were nine or ten in Houston’s locker room) in his native language, but also a separate round for American reporters,* talked about knowing Sun since 2005, his raw talent, the difference between Yao/Yi Jianlian and Sun as well as the young point guard’s opportunity considering L.A.’s injuries.
*Much like the equally gracious Pau Gasol, in fact, it you trade Chinese for Spanish.

Here’s the audio:

Perhaps the best part of Yao’s response came when I asked him about how Sun is off the court:

“Look at my face, I’m already telling you,” said Yao while sporting a broad, beaming grin. “He’s very outgoing. He has a lot of friends on the National Team, no matter if (it’s) the young guys or the old guys. Overall, he’s a nice kid.”